UWA World Title

The current belt design unveiled at the first episode of UWA: Annhilation

The UWA World Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship owned by the Ultimate Wrestling Association (UWA) promotion. It is currently the highest ranked championship in UWA and is primarily defended in UWA's heavyweight division. It was unveiled on Jaunary 2, 2013 at UWA's primary television program, UWA: Annihilation. The inaugural champion was Desmond Wolfe.

Like most professional wrestling championships, the title is won via the result of a scripted match. There have been a total of two reigns among two different wrestlers. Petey Williams is the current champion in his second reign.


# Wrestler Reign Date Days Held Location Event Notes
1 Desmond Wolfe 1 January 2, 2013 84 Raleigh, North Caroline UWA: Annihilation Defeated Petey Williams, Alex Shelly, Rhino, Matt Bentley, Jay Lethal, and Christopher Masterpeice
2 Petey Williams 1 March 27, 2013 77+ Raleigh, North Carolina UWA: Super Slam


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