The first episode of UWA: Annihilation aired on January 2, 2013. It was broadcasted from the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina.


TheCannon introduced the show from center ring and then introduced Kevin Nash and Tony Shivoni, who each did some mic work on the way to the ring.

Cannon then introduced Alex Shelly, Matt Bentley., Petey Williams, Jay Lethal, and Ric Flar. Flair brought the UWA World Heavyweight Title belt with him to the ring. He announced that he would be special ref for the title match.

Christopher Masterpeice walked onto the stage and interrupted.. He said it sucked having a battle royal determine the champion. Petey, upset with Masterpeice's lack of respect, said he would have to be the first entrant in the battle royal. Desmond Wolfe then stepped onto the other side of the stage and interrupted Masterpeice. He admitted the battle royal was a bad idea for a title contest, but then ripped on Masterpeice. Rhino then appeared in the crowd. He, too, said the battle royal was a bad idea, but then told Masterpeice and Desmond to "deal with it," adding they needed to worry about one man in the match—that being him, of course.

Backstage Lauren Brooke talked to Carlito. The camera swung over to Christopher Masterpeice in the background kicking chairs and yelling about Petey.

More to be added....

Quick ResultsEdit

# Results Stipulation Time
1 The Amazing Red defeated Carlito Singles Match 8:51
2 Awesome Kong defeated Angelina Love Singles Match/Semi-Finals in UWA Women's Champion Tournament 5:03
3 Allisa Flash defeated Hamada Singles Match/Semi-Finals in UWA Women's Champion Tournament 10:39
4 Generation Me (Max and Jeremy Buck) defeated Paul London & Brian Kendrick and Sheik Abdul Bashir & Senshi Three-Way Tag Team Match for the UWA World Tag Team Championship 17:51

Desmond Wolfe won by last eliminating Petey Williams*

Gauntlet Match for the UWA World Heavyweight Championship 26:26
  • Other Entrants in the match were
  • Alex Shelly
  • Christopher Masterpeice
  • Jay Lethal
  • Matt Bentley
  • Rhino

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