300px|rightMatch 1Edit

Sam makes his way to the arena, in style,k wearing glasses and actually having 4 different colors on his jackets

Jack runs in the ring and the submission match is set

Jack hits a powerbomb early in the match

Jack then hits an ankle lock, then rolls it up into an ankle lock boston crap

Sam breaks out of it, then hits a headbutt to Jack

Sam then hits another headbutt, then another, then another, until Jack hits the floor

Jack then stands up until he is brought down by a trip

Sam then stomps on Jacks shoulder, then does a knee drop to Jacks ankle

Jack is hurt, but stands up and delivers a suplex

Jack then delivers a back body drop, but Sam does a flip and lands on his feet

Sam then delivers a nasty kick to Jacks head, nearly knocking him out, but keeping his body in the air, and does a famousser

Sam locks in an ankle lock, but Jack breaks it up somehow, and then does a ddt to Sam

Sam jumps up afterwards, only to be caught in another ddt

Sam then stands up, and is caught into a gutwrench powerbomb, but in mid air, Sam hits a leg drop bulldog, and does a camel clutch

Jack has no choice but to tap out

Sam celebrates as red, white, and blue fireworks go off and Sam cheers with the crowd

Sam: I am a true American, and has won the privelage, of doing this

Sam sings The United States National Anthem, and the crowd joined along

Match 2Edit

Ace Eagle comes out, followed by Soaring Hawk.

The bell rings and Hawk hits a DDT straight on. He taunts for the crowd, and he taunts to the crowd. Hawk dodges a Clothesline, and hits a Belly to Back Suplex. Hawk starts to climb, but notices Eagle get up and Hawk climbs down. Hawk runs straight into a hit from Eagle, and Eagle hits an Elbow Drop. Eagle starts to head up the acge, and Hawk catches him. They fight at the top, and they both go tumbling into the ring. Eagle and Hawk start to head for the door of the cell, and Eagle hits Hawk in the face. Hawk falls back, and Eagle is hanging halfway out the door when Hawk catches him. Hawk pulls him up, and hits a Wheel Kick. The door closes, and Hawk goes onto the turnbuckle. Hawk goes for a Diving Hurricanrana, but Eagle catches him, and hits a Powerbomb. Hawk gets up as Eagle is at the top of the cage, and Hawk immedaitely springs onto the ropes and grabs Eagle's leg. Eagle tries to shake him off, but they both go crashing back down to the ring again. Hawk crawls towards the door, and he just needs to touch the floor when Eagle grabs him and pulls him back into the ring. Hawk hits another Wheel Kick, and hits his Dragonrana. He heads back for the door, and escapes, for Hawk's win.

Winner: Soaring Hawk!

Hawk celebrates with Eagle, even though they are from different companies.

Match 3Edit

Randy Orton comes to the ring, taunting and yelling to the crowd, then it happens

Rush Kids comes out wearing a jacket, and he looks like a news reporter

Rush's voice is heard over the titantron

Rush: Hi, my name is Rush Kids, How does it feel to lose today?

Rush runs to the ring, throwing off his entrance attire and when he gets to the ring, he is in a flashy red new attire

Match starts

JDUDE: Wait, WAIT, I feel hurt, YOU (points to Orton) ran into me, and I can't stress that enough, first blood match, NOW (JDUDE leaves)

Match starts, and Rush gets a knee to the face. Rush then is hit with a ddt, and Orton climbs out of the ring and grabs the ring bell. When Orton returns, he is hit with a dropkick to the ringbell to his face. Rush looks at his face, hoping to see blood, but finds none. Orton manages to hit a kick to Rush's face and then stands up. Rush hits a ddt on Orton, then climbs the ropes. Orton stands up and climbs the ropes, and is standing face to face with Rush. Orton goes for a Superplex, but Rush jumps out of it and crashes to the floor, but he brings Orton down face first onto the ring bell. Somehow, Orton isn't bleeding! Rush jumps up, grabs the ropes, and bounces off of them, doing a backflip right into an RKO. Orton starts beating up on Rush's face, trying to make him bleed, but Rush just won't bleed. So Rush finally manages to stand up, and then he delivers a Running Neckbreaker. Rush is gaining momentum, and he hits a Whos a Kid?. Rush looks for a weapon, and finds a bottle of tacks. Rush smiles. Rush throws it in the ring, but Orton jumps up and does an RKO onto the bottle, breaking it open, no one bleeding still. Orton looks down and jumps over the tacks, then picks up Rush, but Rush does a Rush Hour to Orton. Rush then picks up and bodyslams Orton onto the tacks, but none of the tacks went into Orton for some strange reason, but Rush finishes the match off by hitting a superkick, and Ortons Face and Body (the tacks are now falling out) bleed. RUSH HOURS WINS HIS SECOND EVER MATCH

Rush tears off a shirt revealing an HWE shirt, he celebrates.

Match 4Edit

nWo Sting and Sting climb to the peice of scaffolding suspended aabove the ring. They pull on their bungees.

The bell rings and Sting attacks nWo Sting. nWo Sting lifts Sting over his head. nWo Sting celebrates, thinking he's won, but Sting is holding on to the edge. Sting climbs back up and hits a Spear on nWo Sting. nWo Sting almost falls off, but he catches himself and hits a DDT. Sting almost falls off again, but he gets back up and hits a Suplex on nWo Sting. nWo Sting looks angry, and Sting notices Kevin Nash shaking the scaffolding from a railed scaffold up above. Sting loses his footing, and falls off the scaffold to be suspended above the ring.

Sting grabs a mic. Sting, "You know, I should feel ashamed, but, in the words of a wise old man, 'You must learn humility.' "

Sting laughs as he is unclipped from the bungee and let down to leave the ring.

Match 5Edit

Dashing comes out, wearing a new team shirt, that says HWE IS DASHING

Cult of Personality, wearing TEAM UNW shirts with CULT OF PERSONALITY spray painted on

Punk and Rhodes start the match off. Punk looks over at Rey, who is nodding his head, and tags him in. Rey jumps over the ropes and runs at Rhodes. Rey hits a hurricanrana to the second rope early in the match. Del Rio tags in Rhodes body that is in ring, and Rey thinks Rhodes is still in the match, and hits a 619 on him! The ref argues with Rey, until Del Rio runs at him with a cross arm bar, and Rey is in the center of the ring, and he taps. Punk runs in the ring and nails Del Rio with a kick to the face, then follows up by throwing him in the corner. Punk yells TAG IN RHODES. Del Rio looks at Rhodes, and then tags in Ziggler. Ziggler secretly tags in Rhodes, so only him and the ref know. Rhodes moves around the ring, and the ref yells at Ziggler to get out of the ring, and Punk is attacked from behind with a Cross Rodes. Rhodes covers


Punk gets up and nails Rhodes in the face with a punch, then a superkick, and Punk climbs the ropes, and Punk looks ready for an elbow drop, until Barrett climbs and hits a Wasteland off the ropes, and the ref is shouting in anger at Barrett as he climbs back down. Rhodes covers


Punk manages to tag in Sabu. Sabu bounces off the ropes and goes for a leg drop on Rhodes, but Rhodes hits a powerbomb then tags in Barrett. Barrett runs in the ring hitting a Big Boot, then Sabu manages to bounce off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Barrett hits a falling bodyslam. Barrett stands up and stands on Sabu's arm. The ref gets him off, then Barrett picks Sabu up in the Wasteland position, but goes over to Del Rio, tags him in, but Sabu bounces off the ropes and runs to the corner and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus hits a body punch on Del Rio, and then has him in the position for a high cross, but Del Rio jumps out of it and looks ready to do an Enzurigi on Sheamus, but Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick

Sheamus covers 1.........2.........3

Del Rio leaves, and everyone from Cult waves at him. Sheamus tags in Sabu, who is hiding a chair. Rhodes then runs in the ring and delivers a Beautiful Disaster to Sabu, hitting the chair and breaking his own ankle. Officials run to check on him,


Ziggler looks worried and mad at Sabu, so he jumps in and shows the referee the chair, taking it from him, the ref doesnt know Sabu took it and DQs Ziggler instead. Barrett climbs in the ring, and hits a quick Wasteland on Sabu


Sheamus runs in the ring, looking to fight Barrett, and Barrett hits a DDT on him, but Sheamus still gets up and runs at Barrett, taking him out with a DDT, then a chop to the face, then he throws him in the corner. Sheamus delivers multiple headbutts to Barrett in the corner, then lifts Barrett up to a seated position against the ropes, and climbs the ropes himself. Sheamus looks for a High Cross out of the ring, but Barrett reverses it into a Wasteland into the turnbuckle post, the officials look at Sheamus, who must have a broken back, but Barrett picks him up, and hits another Wasteland in the ring and pins


Punk runs in the ring and hits a GTS the crowd cheers, Punk covers


Punk is shocked, but then hits a springboard splash to Barrett, then he locks in the Anaconda Vise, Barrett is helpless, but doesnt tap. Barrett manages to pick up Punk, while the Anaconda Vise is still in effect, stand up, and deliver a Wasteland to him. Barrett, looking shocked himself, cheers to the crowd, and then hits an anaconda vise himself. Punk taps


Dashing runs out to the ring, lifts him up on their shoulders, then starts shouting his name.

Barrett gets off Dashings shoulders, then hey all shake hands with Cult of Personality

Match 6Edit

Skullbreaker comes out, followed by Rapp3r.

The bell rings, and Skullbreaker attacks Rapp3r. Rapp3r dodges a Sucker Punch, and comes back with a Suplex. Rapp3r reverses a Fireman's Carry and hits a Kneeling DDT. Skullbreaker rolls out of the ring, and grabs a chair from under the ring. He nails Rapp3r with a headshot from the chair, and he hits a Con-Chair-To. He dodges a kick from Rapp3r, and Rapp3r hits an Enziguiri. Rapp3r grabs a Kendo Stick from underneath the ring and hits Skullbreaker square in the head with it. Rapp3r drags Breaker out of the ring, but Breaker smashes Rapp3r's face onto the apron. Rapp3r dodges a clothesline, and hits a neckbreaker. Rapp3r grabs a Mop from under the ring, and starts hitting Breaker with it. He drops the Mop, and grabs a Guitar from the crowd. He smashes it over Breaker's head, and splashes some soda in his face. Breaker gets up and barely misses a Lariat from Rapp3r. He grabs Rapp3r's dropped Mop, and whacks Rapp3r with it. Rapp3r grabs a Table from under the ring, and he knocks Breaker onto it. He goes into the ring, climbs the Turnbuckle, and hits an Elbow Drop, smashing Breaker through the table. Breaker gets up and starts fighting again, but Skullfacer hops out of the crowd and hits Breaker with a chair. Facer hands Rapp3r a chair, but Rapp3r KOs Facer with it. He picks up Breaker, and they both start beating on Facer. Rapp3r all of a sudden, taking Breaker by surprise, hits Breaker with a chair. Rapp3r picks Breaker up, and lies him on the stretcher. He runs him up the ramp, for the win.

Winner: Rapp3r

Match 7Edit

A list of places show, which are The ring (1), JDUDEs office (2), a Bed (3), a pool filled with syrup (4).

Torrie Wilson runs to the ring, and is followed by Trish Stratus for this Extreme Bra and Panties Match.

The bell rings, and Torrie runs at Trish to hit a running DDT early in the match. Trish stands up, but is pulled back into the corner by her hair. Trish is sitting down in the corner, Torrie gives Trish a stinkface, then takes off Trish's top. They run to the office, and Torrie bodyslams Trish. Trish stands up though and grabs a medal for OWNER OF THE YEAR, and throws it at Torrie. Trish then hits a running DDT. Torrie trips Trish, then Torrie steals Trishs belt. Torrie spanks Trish, and then Torrie goes to take off Trishs pants, but Trish jumps up, grabs Torries skirt, and yanks on it, but it doesnt rip off! Torrie throws Trish into a chair, sets her on it, then gives her a stinkface. Trish bites down on Torries skirt and tears it off. They go to a room down the hall, which has a HUGE bed in it. They climb on it, and Torrie bounces on it and hits Trish with a HUGE dropkick. Torrie is jumping up and down, hitting elbow drops on Trish, until Trish stands up, and leans Torrie up against a wall, Trish hits a Stratosphere, but it breaks the bed, and they are forced to go to the pool. Trish is distracted at the stickyness of the syrup, and Torrie comes from behind and rips off Trishs pants

Torrie is celebrating, and while Trish is trying to cover herself up, Torrie rips off Trishs bra and panties off , and Trish runs backstage. Torrie celebrates now

Match 8Edit

Air Boom! comes out, followed by ShowDust.

The bell rings, and Kofi Kingston is starting out for Air Boom!, while Big Show is starting out for ShowDust. Kofi dodges a Spear, and hits a Kick to the Head. Kofi keeps kicking Show's head, and Show finally grabs Kofi's leg and throws him away. Big Show picks up Kofi, but Kofi reverses it into a DDT. Kofi tags in Evan Bourne, and Evan starts attacking Big Show. Evan kicks out Show's knee, and takes down the World's Largest Athlete. Evan goes up top, and hits the Double Knees to Show's chest. Evan attacks Show's head, and tags in Kofi. Kofi hits a Kick to Show's head, and Show pushes Kofi away. Show tags in Goldust. Goldust is fresh, but Kofi dodges a clothesline from Dust. Kofi hits a Trouble in Paradise, and pins.




Dust kicks out, and all of a sudden Christopher Daniels' theme plays, and Chris Daniels comes out, taking out Kofi, Evan, Goldust, and Big Show. This match ends in a draw.

Match 9Edit

Tazz comes out to the ring with a chair.

Bret Hart runs to the ring with a baseball bat.

The Extreme Rules match starts with Bret nailing Tazz in the knee with the baseball bat. Bret hits Tazz in the knee multiple times, then hits him in the back. Bret climbs out of the ring, grabs a water bottle from a fan, and drinks it. Bret climbs in the ring. He takes another drink of water. Tazz runs at Bret, but Bret spits the water out at Tazz, then Bret hits a german suplex. Bret climbs out of the ring again, this time, going to the announce tables. Bret looks around, and finds a couple chairs, he brings three in the ring, then four, then five in the ring. Five total chairs are in the ring. Bret climbs back in the ring, and Tazz hits Bret in the back with a chair. Bret is trying to move, but Bret is stuck in the ropes. His arms are wrapped around two different ropes! Tazz then starts hitting Bret in the back with a chair. Tazz grabs another chair, and hits a con chair to in the ropes. Bret then frees himself, rolling into the ring. Tazz jumps up to the first rope, and does a flying hit with the chair. Bret rolls out of the way, and Tazz hits himself in the face with the chair. Bret comes from behind Tazz and hits him with a knee to the spine. Bret leaves the ring, and starts throwing things into the ring. Pipes, chairs, trash cans, baseball bats, guitars, mops, even rope and tape! Bret finally comes back into the ring, with two tables and the steel steps. Tazz grabs a mop and nails Bret in the shoulder with it, then grabs a trash can, puts it around Brets head, then climbs the ropes, he is on the top rope, and he jumps on the can, crushing Brets head. Tazz looks ready to hit the Tazzmission, but Bret throws him over his shoulder into the turnbuckle. Bret sets up the tables onto each other, puts the steps on one, then tapes the rest of the objects on, except the rope. Bret goes to wrap the rope around Tazzs neck, but Tazz hits a Tazzplex through the tables and everything, Tazz pins


Tazz looks shocked, until he looks at the tape. Tazz tapes Bret to the floor, then ties his hands behind his back, then Tazz looks at the steel steps. Tazz places the steel steps underneath Brets face, and then Tazz hits a Tazzmission to Bret, and pushes his face into the steel. Bret breaks out of the ropes and the tapes, but then falls right onto the steel steps, and then taps out

Tazz celebrates with Eagle, who runs out to the ring

Match 10Edit

Triple H(Hunter Hearst Helmsley) comes out, followed by The HeartBreak Kid Shawn Michaels.

The bell rings and HHH hits HBK with a Spinebuster early on.


HHH dodges a Clothesline from HBK and HHH hits a Russian Leg Sweep. HHH stomps on HBK, and hits a Knee Drop. HHH picksup HBK and hits a Clothesline, followed by another Knee Drop. HHH picks up HBK, and HBK reverses a Sucker Punch to hit a Sucker Punch of his own. HHH reverses some kicks to the leg, and hits HBK with another Clothesline.


HBK hits a Clothesline on HHH, and HBK hits his signature Elbow Drop from the top rope. HBK sets up for the Sweet Chin Music, but HHH reverses it into Leg DDT. HHH starts kicking HBK's leg, but HBK kicks HHH's leg and hits a DDT. HBK hits a Splash from the top rope, and then hits a Leg Drop.


HHH reverses a Clothesline and throws HBK into the corner, and hits a Corner Clothesline. HHH chokes HBK with his knee, but HBK gets out of it and hits a Suplex. HBK sets up for the Sweet Chin Music again, but HHH rolls out of the ring. HHH grabs a chair and starts bashing HBK with it, until HBK grabs it and hits HHH with it. HBK throws HHH onto the Announce Table, and DDTs HHH through it. HBK brings HHH back into the ring, and hits HHH with a Sledgehammer. HBK sets up for the Sweet Chin Music, and hits it.


HBK celebrates.

HWE PromoEdit

Shows a video on the titantron.

Eric: Guess who is finally back. After months of not even being booked in a match, I will be back to HWE, but for no match. That stupid, horrible, manipulating GM Zack Ryder will be going down... welcome, to HWE Hell

Match 11Edit

Undertaker walks to the ring, and for some reason, the Carlon's are behind him. Goldberg comes out and runs to the ring, forgetting about an entrance at all. Goldberg tackles Taker, and the ref starts the match, and the Carlon's are forced to leave as the cell drops. Taker is still on the ground, and Goldberg is delivering punch after punch to him. Taker grabs Goldberg in a choking position, stands up, then tosses Goldberg out of the ring. Goldberg is down, and Taker runs against the ropes, bouncing off of them and jumps over the ropes to attack Goldberg, but Goldberg lifts up his leg and hits Taker in the back of the head. Taker is holding his head, and Goldberg goes for a spear into the cell, but Takerpicks him up and hits a chokeslam into the cage. Taker then strikes Goldberg, while Goldberg is hitting the cage after every punch. Taker then hits a big boot on Goldberg and Goldberg is squashed between the boot and the cage! Taker goes for another, but Goldberg manages to sit down, and Takers foot slams into the cage. Goldberg looks under the ring, where he finds a steel chair. Taker then grabs the chair, but Goldberg spears Taker through the cell! Goldberg starts ripping the announce table apart. Taker then does his signature stand up after a seated position, and Goldberg looks determined. Taker goes for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Goldberg kicks Taker in the face, then Goldberg goes for another spear, but Taker slams Goldberg onto the cage, then climbs over him and up the cage. Goldberg climbs up the cage too. When they are on top, Goldberg spears Taker. Goldberg looks fired up and goes for the jackknife off the cell.Taker rolls off of it and hits a Chokeslam off of the cell through and announce table! Taker then looks at the carlon's, who stands Goldberg up. Goldberg climbs the cage again, but Taker hits a last ride off the cell, this time Goldberg goes neck first into and through the barricade! Taker lifts up his hands, put his knees on the ground, and does his signature taunt, and the lights go out and when they come on, Goldberg is on the cell! Taker then hits a Tombstone Piledriver, and the cell breaks, so Taker chokeslams Goldberg through the hole. Taker then does a leg drop off the cell and onto Goldberg


The crowd cheers, and Goldberg stands up and hits a Jackknife. Goldberg goes in the corner to do a spear, and runs at Taker, but Taker catches Goldberg and hits a Hells Gate on Goldberg, who doesnt tap out, but is KOd. The ref stops the match.

Taker celebrates with the Carlon's lifting up his hands

Match 12Edit

Team Hardy comes out with their leader Jeff, and Team Hardy comes out with their leader Matt.

The bell rings and Miz is starting out for Jeff's Team, while Lee Hardy is starting out for Matt's Team. Miz goes after Lee, but Lee dodges a Clothesline and hits a Neckbreaker. Lee starts stomping on Miz, and Miz catches the last stomp, throwing Lee off his feet. Lee and Miz lock up, and Miz hits a Suplex. Miz dodges a kick, and hits a Foot DDT. Miz pins.


Miz hits a Dropkick, and sets up for the Reality Check. All of a sudden, Matt comes in to help his brother. Matt hits a Twist of Fate on Miz, Jeff comes in and hits a Reverse of Fate on Matt, Chris Jericho hits a Codebreaker on Jeff, the Great Khali hits a Brain Chop on Jericho, Mulio hits his Dragonrana, Sin Cara hits his La Mistica on Mulio, Samoan Syx hits his Top Rope Samoan Drop on Sin Cara, Steve Austin hits hits Stunner on Syx, Paul Max hits his Suplex Hammer on Austin, Chris Benoit hits his Wild Bomb on Max, and Lee Hardy hits his Fate Breaker on Benoit. Miz comes from behind and hits a Mizard of Oz on Lee.


Miz holds up his arm as Lee walks back to the locker room. Paul Max comes in, and Miz tags in Sin Cara. Sin Cara hits a Neckbreaker, and locks in a Fujiwara Armbar. Paul Max gets out of it, but his arm looks injured. Max hits a Running Elbow, but he holds his arm afterward. Sin Cara hits a Clothesline, and again locks in the Fujiwara Armbar. Max taps, and Chris Jericho comes in. Sin Cara runs at Jericho, but Jericho steps out of the way and Sin Cara lands on the exposed turnbuckle that was left open by a careless employee.Medical Personnal tend to Sin Cara, and they deem him unable to compete, due to him aggravating an early injury he got at a UNW live show. Miz comes in as a replacement for Sin Cara, and Miz hits a DDT on Y2J. Miz goes for a Reality Check, but Y2J reverses it into a Codebreaker. Jericho pins.


The Great Khali gets in, and he hits a Punjabi Plunge to Jericho. He wants to make Jericho suffer, so he moves in for the Khali Vice Grip. Matt and the remaining members of Team Matt Hardy come in and take out Khali. Jericho pins.


Jericho gets up and walks straight into a Stunner from Stone Cold. Stone Cold pins.


Stone Cold dodges a Clothesline from Samoan Syx, and hits another Stunner. Matt comes in, only to get hit by a third Stunner. Mulio is about to come in, but quickly hops to the arena floor once Stone Cold stares at him. Stone Cold pins Syx.


Mulio gets in, and Stone Cold taunts him. Mulio dodges a Clothesline from Austin, but Austin just Stone Cold Stunners Mulio. Austin tags in Jeff Hardy. Jeff hits a Swanton Bomb on Mulio. Jeff pins.


Jeff and Matt fight in the ring, and Matt hits a Twist of Fate. Matt pins.


Jeff kicks Matt, and hits a Twist of Fate of his own. Jeff pins.


Jeff's team celebrate.

Match 13Edit

Team UNW comes out, with a huge sign that says UNW, and they place next to the announce tables.

Team HWE comes out with a sign that says HWE,, they place it next to the announce tables

Then, Eric Bischoff going STOP IT NOW over the music system plays, and Eric Bischoff comes out, arguing with Ryder. JDUDE then tells ryder to calm down, and then Bischoff enters the ring, and those two begin the match

MATCH STARTS... Kennedy tries for a mic check early on, but that gets turned into an STO by Eric. Eric is laughing as he tags in JDUDE. Kennedy looks at JDUDE, then tags in Ranger. Ranger jumps on JDUDE for a school boy pin, but JDUDE moves Rangers shoulders, but cant move his own, a double pin


Kennedy and Eric come back in. Eric goes for a roundhouse kick, but it gets turned into a Green Bay Plunge, in HWEs corner. Ryder forces a tag, and Eric gets hit with a Green Bay Plunge, but Kennedy turns around into a rough ryder. Ryder pins


Mick Foley comes in, putting on a mask. Foley goes for the claw hold, but Ryder ducks and tags in Piper. Piper then starts striking Foley in the mask, hurting himself and Foley greatly. Foley then goes for the underhook ddt, but Piper rolls out of that, and jumps up for a jumping strike, but gets caught with the claw. Piper taps. Ryder comes in the ring, and goes for a rough ryder, but Foley dodges it. Piper distracts the ref, then the ref "trips" over Piper, and Piper runs into the ring with a chair, trying To hit Foley, but Foley ducks and Piper hits Ryder by accident. Foley then hits a claw on a hurt Ryder, and then has a claw on Piper, but tosses piper out of the ring. Ryder taps as soon as the ref gets back up. Ryder leaves, and him and Piper argue. Ryder then hits a rough ryder onto the barricade, then a broski boot. Foley is distracted by laughing at Piper, and thats when Bishcoff from behind hits a roundhouse kick, then pins


Jerry Lawler enters the ring, but tags in Funk. Funk tags in Lawler, and this keeps going on, but Bischoff tags in Boogeyman, who runs in the ring is hit with a spike texas driver, because of Lawler who pushed downwards on Boogeymans feet. Lawler pins


Bischoff runs into the ring, having to face 2 opponents, he aims for Lawlers arm, and keeps kicking it, then he throws lawler into the ring post, and Lawler is holding his arm, until Bischoff hits an armbreaker to Lawler, then hits a arm bar, and Lawler taps. Funk runs in the ring, going for a Texas Driver, but Bischoff jumps over Funk, and climbs the ropes, Eric hits a superkick off the ropes somehow, and pins


Eric celebrates as he torches the UNW flag, then stomps on the ashes, but then rips apart the HWE flag as well for some reason

Main Event(Cutting Pit)Edit

Edge and Roddy Piper come out.

Edge, "Welcome to the Cutting Pit, where me and my colleague here Roddy Piper will try to end this feud. Now, welcome our guests, Slashranger, and JDUDE!"

Roddy, "Now, why did we start fighting in the first place?"

JDUDE, "His superstars wanted-"

Slashranger, "MY superstars? What about your attack at-"

JDUDE, "That was my superstars' idea."

Ranger, "And you went along with it!"

JDUDE, "No I didn't!"

Ranger,"Yes you did!"

Edge, "ENOUGH!"

But JDUDE and Ranger just kept arguing.

Edge Speared Ranger, and Piper hits JDUDE in the head with a coconut.

Piper, "NOW STOP FIGHTING! There's another company who needs your attention to destroy."

Edge, "And that company is TNA!"

Ranger, "What's TNA?"

JDUDE, "I think it's that one company that feuded with WWE until it was #10 on the list of 10 best wrestling companies."

Ranger, "While me and you are tied for the #5 spot."

JDUDE, "Yep."

Edge, "That's correct, TNA's coming back now, with you two distracted and it is now in the #6 spot."

JDUDE, "Why were we fighting when we needed to keep our spots?"

Jeff Jarrett's music hits and he runs down to the ring, taking out Edge. Homicide comes out and takes out Roddy Piper, while Ranger is taken out by Christopher Daniels. JDUDE is soon taken out by Samoa Joe. The TNA Superstars stand in the ring with a TNA sign above their heads as the show goes off the air.

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