P.O.D - On Fire


Slashranger, "Welcome to Friday Night Vengeance! To heat things up before Running Out of Time 2013, the next PPV, we will be almost COMPLETELY starting over in UNW. Everyone will be stripped of their titles, and the matches at Running Out of Time will be reset. Also, because I lost the Slammerfest papers, you will need to come and talk to me to reschedule your Slammerfest 2013 match. Thank you."

Match 1: Jinder Mahal and Jamal vs Randy Orton and Triple H for the Unified Tag Team ChampionshipEdit

Randy Orton and Triple H, two members of the PoP, come out to cheers from the crowd. Triple H and Randy warm up while Jinder Mahal and Jamal, two members of the cWo, come out to boos. Randy goes out onto the ropes, and Jamal exits the ring as well.

The bell rings and Triple H and Jinder Mahal lock up. Triple H hits Jinder in the head and Irish whips him into the corner. Triple H clotheslines Jinder into the turnbuckle, and Jinder gets out. Triple H goes for another clothesline, but Jinder ducks and grabs Triple H into a neckbreaker. Jinder and Triple H get up fast, and they both connect with clotheslines, both going down. They get up quick again, and Triple H hits Jinder with a series of punches to the gut. Jinder counters with a punch to Triple H's head, and they go back and forth. Triple H grabs Jinder and goes for a DDT. Jinder hits Triple H in the gut and twists his arm around. Jinder kicks Triple H across the chest and drags him over to the corner. Jinder tags in Jamal, and they hit a double clothesline. Triple H gets up, but slower than normal. Randy's begging for a tag, but Jamal grabs Triple H and throws him into the ropes. Triple H bounces off of the ropes and gets hit with a shoulder block. Jamal taunts and laughs. Triple H gets up and hits Jamal in the back of the head while he's distracted. Jamal goes down on one knee, and Triple H hits him in the head with his knee. Triple H tags in Randy and the match heats up. Jamal gets back up and goes to grab Randy, but is too slow and Randy knees him in the gut. Jamal holds his gut but quickly recovers. Randy quickly Irish whips Jamal into the ropes. Jamal bounces off the ropes and starts coming back when Randy hits the scoop slam. Randy gets up and begins stomping on Jamal.

Edge: There are those methodical stomps of Orton's again.

Dite: Yep, this will definitely take a toll on Jamal's ability to fight the match.

Randy picks up Jamal and throws him into the corner. Randy walks over and starts hitting Jamal in the gut. Jamal slowly sinks to a seated position in the turnbuckle. Randy backs up, and knees his head, smashing it into the turnbuckle. Randy picks up Jamal and throws him out of the ring. Randy fires up the crowd, and Jamal gets up and rolls back into the ring. Randy runs over to Jamal and goes for the RKO, but Jamal pushes Randy away. Randy gets up, but Jamal catches him with a shoulder block. Randy goes down, and Jamal stumbles over to the corner to tag in Jinder. Jinder is tagged in, and runs at Randy. Randy catches him and hits a scoop slam, then goes for a clothesline. Jinder ducks under the clothesline, and they both bounce back off of the ropes. Randy and Jinder both go for a clothesline, and both clotheslines connect. They both go down, and Randy's up before Jinder. Randy pulls Jinder up the rest of the way and knees him in the gut. Randy goes to hit Jinder, but Jinder dodges it and knees Randy. Jinder gets on the turnbuckle but Randy's quick and hits him. Jinder falls into a seated position on the turnbuckle, and Randy pulls him over onto the apron. Randy looks around at the crowd, and pulls Jinder through the ropes for an elevated DDT. Jinder hits Randy in the gut and gets out of it, but it ends up backfiring and Jinder hits his head on the mat anyway. Randy backs up a few feet but quickly gets on the attack again. Jinder is slowly getting up when Jamal distracts the referee and Murphy throws Jinder a chair. Randy is distracted by Murphy and when he turns around he gets hit in the head with the chair.

Dite: This match quickly lost control!

Edge: If the PoP members lose because the cWo cheated...

Gunner quickly runs down the ramp and pulls the chair out of the ring, then hits Murphy with it. Gunner throws the chair onto Murphy, then leaves the arena. The referee turns around to see Jinder pinning Randy. 1...2...KICKOUT! Randy hits Jinder in the head, then trips him. Randy slowly gets up first, and tags in Triple H. Triple H runs in and hits a knee strike to Jinder's face. Triple H keeps running and knocks Jamal off of the apron. Triple H taunts to the crowd, then turns around and crouches over Jinder and hits a few head strikes. Triple H picks up Jinder and throws him into the turnbuckle. Jinder quickly tags in Jamal, who had climbed back onto the turnbuckle. Triple H clotheslines Jamal back into the turnbuckle and Jamal falls forward onto his face. Triple H stomps Jamal's head into the mat, then picks him up. Triple H suplexes Jamal into the center of the ring, and elbow drops him. Triple H walks over to Jinder on the apron and hits him in the nose, knocking him off of the apron. Randy hops off of the apron and goes over to fight Jinder. Triple H dodges a punch from Jamal, and begins a series of punches to the gut. Jamal is backed up into the turnbuckle, and Triple H then knees him in the head. Triple H grabs Jamal from the turnbuckle and bulldogs him to the center of the ring. Triple H picks up Jamal, but Jinder knocks out Randy and trips the referee to the outside of the ring. Jinder gets in the ring and both him and Jamal begin punching Triple H. Murphy gets up and climbs in the ring and joins in. Gunner runs down the ramp again and Randy slides into the ring and they even out the amount of superstars in the ring. Jamal is hit with a chair and knocked over the ropes, but Jinder and Murphy both knock Randy and Gunner over the ropes. Murphy and Jinder exit the ring and slide the chair back under the ring. Triple H gets back up only to be hit with the Jasmack(Knockout Punch) from Jamal. Triple H hits the ground and Jamal goes for the pin. The referee is still knocked out outside of the ring! Jinder helps up the referee, and the referee slides back into the ring. The referee begins to count the pin. 1...2...KICKOUT! Jamal looks stunned, and begins yelling at the referee. The referee begins yelling back.

Edge: A disagreement between wrestler and referee is never a good thing.

Triple H gets up while Jamal's distracted and taps him on the shoulder. Jamal turns around and Triple H kicks Jamal in the gut. Jamal bends over holding his gut, and Triple H gets Jamal into the position for the Pedigree. Jinder goes to stop it, but Randy pulls him outside of the ring and spears him into the turnbuckle post. Triple H Pedigrees Jamal and Randy quickly slides into the ring and hits a quick RKO. Triple H pins Jamal. 1...2...3!

Triple H and Randy hold up their new Unified Tag Titles, triumphant after a match full of lies, deceit, and cheating. Jinder, Jamal, and Murphy retreat back up the ramp.

Dite: What a terrific match! I'm glad it ended so well!

Edge: Me too, William, me too.

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