As Rock n Roll All Night by Kiss plays Ranger is shown standing in the ring.

Ranger, "We have a great night tonight, KISS is here, as well as Rage Against the Machine, and many more!"

Match 1Edit

Skullbreaker comes out, followed by Skullfacer for their No DQ match.

The bell rings and Breaker goes srtaight after Facer, and Breaker hits a Nosebreaker early on. Facer gets up while Breaker's garbbing a chair. Facer dodges a chair shot, and hitsa Neckbreaker. Facer locks in the Face It(Full Nelson) and Breaker taps for Facer's win.

Facer, "See! I'm not just a 'little bro' anymore! I'm an ass-kicking Superstar!"


Daniel Bryan is backstage with Kiss as they strum Rock and Roll All Night.

Bryan, "No, it should be 'Bryan's gonna make you tap all nite.' Not whatever gay lyrics you come up with."

Miz, "Bryan. Come here for a sec."

Bryan gets up to talk with Miz and you hear chairs clattering. Miz comes out from where all the arena chairs are stored.

Miz, "So, what song are you guys playing tonight?"

Paul Stanley, "Um, we were planning on playing God of Thunder tonight."

Miz, "Cool. Catch ya later."

Match 2Edit

The Miz comes out, followed by Kyle Katara.

The bell rings and Miz ducks a clothesline from Katara. Katara swings around but its too late. Miz hits a Mizard of Oz.




Miz celebrates with the Devil's Symbol.


Kiss comes out and plays God of Thunder.300px|right

Match 3Edit

TakuHaka comes out, followed by Mr. Ice.

The bell rings and Ice hits clothesline after clothesline until Taku can't get up, and Ice picks him up for his signature Running Neckbreaker. It connects, and Ice hits an Ice Cold.




Mr. Ice celebrates.


Rage Against the Machine plays Bulls on Parade.300px|right

Match 4Edit

Mr. Man comes out, followed by Vampiro.

The bell rings and Vampiro hits a Headbutt, followed by his signature Diving Leg Drop. Vampiro takes advantage of a knocked out Man, and taunts while setting up for the Nail in the Coffin. He hits it, and pins MM.




Vampiro celebrates as he won his UNW Debut.

Match 5Edit

Rey Mysterio comes out followed by nWo Sting.

The bell rings and Rey starts sliding under his opponents legs. nWo Sting can't catch him, and Rey hits a Neckbreaker. Rey hits his signature top rope splash, and hits a 619.




Rey celebrates.

Main EventEdit

Sheamus comes out, followed by Kevin Nash.

The bell rings and Sheamus dodges a Big Boot from Nash. Sheamus hits a Suplex, and sets up for a Brogue Kick. The rest of nWo comes in, and surrounds Sheamus. Cult of Personality comes out and fends off nWo before they can do any damage. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick on Nash.




Cult of Personality celebrates as the show goes off the air.

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