Destruction 2012 is an upcoming UNW PPV.


1 Hugh Jackman def. Xavier Katara Singles for US Title
2 Jakingera def. Mahuka and Karinga Singles for Japan Title
3 Jake Jamanki and Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Mr. Man and Good Looks Tag for World Tag Titles
4 Help Wanted and Bum def. I'm Better and Good Looks Tag for UNW Tag Titles
5 Johnny Pitroe and Horrible Hank def. H4rdc0re and H011y Tag for Hardcore Tag Titles

Jake Jamanki def. Jake The King Makrin

Singles for Extreme Title
7 Sexay Girrl def. Winifred Major Singles for Women's Hardcore Title
8 Jack Maybeck def. Kaity-Lynn Singles for Divas Title
9 Mina def. Kora Karamaba Singles for Women's Title
10 Skullbreaker def. Ezekiel Jackson and Mystery Man Triple Threat No DQ
11 Zack Varna and Arnold Schwarzenegger def. Cool Breeze

Triple Threat Special Rules Elimination

12 Mason Ryan, Mr. Kennedy, and Zack Ryder def. Luther Varna, Good Looks, and Rick Wild 3-on-3 Elimination Tag Team Match
13 Jake The King Makrin def. Mr. Rich Money Hardcore Singles for UNW Title
14 John Findoma def. Kyle Katara Hardcore Hell in a Cell Singles for WHC


Mr. Rich Money def. Kyle Katara and John Findoma and Jacob The King Makrin and Hawk and Eagle and Don Murry and Rick Wild Hell in a Cell Hardcore 8 Man Elimination Match for Ultimatum Wrestling Championship