New General Manager of Unstoppable Mick Foley comes out.

Mick, "As the inauguration ceremony of me as the new GM, We will have Unstoppable is War tonight!"

Match 1Edit

Sabu comes out, followed by Rikishi.

The bell rings, and Rikishi hits a DDT, followed by a Leg Drop. Rikishi hits a Lariat, and sets up for the Rikishi Driver. It connects, and Rikishi hits a Banzai Drop.




Rikishi celebrates.


A Promo of Mankind vs Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match hits.

Match 2Edit

Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart come out.

The bell rings and Bret hits a DDT, followed by a Plidriver. Hogan tries to hit a Body Slam, but Bret reverses into a Suplex. Bret locks in the Sharpshooter, and Hogan taps for Bret's win.

Match 3Edit

The Nitros come out, followed by WBM.

Mick, "Now, since these guys aren't old guys, to make this match a war, it will be a Tornado Tag First Blood Elimination match."

The bell rings and Johnny Nitro goes right after Mark Henry, hitting him again and again, finally hitting a DDT. Nitro sets up for the Flash Kick, but Jake takes him out. Johnny Pitroe comes in and hits a PitSHOW on Henry, and hits him with a chair. Hnery's eliminated. Jake is easily eliminated after a Flash Kick with a chair.

The Nitros celebrate in the ring while once again WBM are yelling at each other.

Match 4Edit

Terry Funk comes out, followed by Jerry Lawler.

The bell rings and Terry immediately attacks Lawler. Lawler is no match for Terry's flurry of punches, and Lawler gets hit by a Texas Piledriver early on.




Terry celebrates Annihilation's win over Versus.

Match 5Edit

Goldberg comes out, followed by Gillberg.

The bell rings and Goldberg goes right after Gillberg, and Gillberg has no chance. Goldberg immediately hits a Big Boot, followed by another Big Boot, and finishes it off with his Spear. Goldberg isn't finished, and hits Gillberg with the Jackhammer.




Goldberg, "WHO'S NEXT?"

Main EventEdit

Undertaker comes out, followed by Mankind.

The cell lowers, and the bell rings. Undertaker goes straight after Mankind, tossing him out of the ring and into the steel of the cell. Mankind escapes the cell trying to climb it while Undertaker's trying to go after him. Taker attacks Mankind on top of the cell, and chokeslams Mankind right through the ceiling of the cell. Taker climbs down and pins.




Taker raises his hand in victory as the show goes off the air.

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