Annihilation is a weekly program, this week on 10-20-11



Slashranger is out in the ring.

Slashranger, "Welcome, and I swear, I will bring you the ANNIHILATION YOU PAY FOR AND WATCH ON TELEVISION!"

JDUDE is standing next to him.

JUDE, "Yes, we have no idea why these stars ar-"

Slashranger hits a KnockOut Punc on JDUDE. Big Show comes out and carries him away.

Slashranger, "JDUDE, I swore to bring these fans Annihilation, and the only way I can do that, is to end the Partnership between HWE and UNW. So, the scriipt says I'm supposed to go into a rant about how I never was friends with you, which was a Storyline, until I exposed it, but, I'll go into a rant anyway. Ahem, here goes it. 'I WAS NEVER FRIENDS WITH YOU, YOU WERE ALWAYS TRYING TO STEAL UNW'S TOP SPOT IN THE MOST WATCHED SHOWS, AND YOU, JDUDE, WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE IN THE DARKNESS. I SWEAR, WE WILL NEVER BE PARTNERS AGAIN!"

Slashranger laughs.

Slashranger, "But seriously, I have to end the partnership between HWE and UNW, and I hired Show to get JDUDE out of this building."

Slashranger, "But HWE and UNW, is over. I'm sorry JDUDE, but I have to end this. An that KO Punch was for hitting me with that Full-Nelson Slam."

Slashranger throws down the mic, and CM Punk comes out for his match next.

Match 1Edit

CM Punk is in the ring, followed by John Findoma.

Findoma, "Punk, welcome. Um, just take the title. I've got enough with the World Title, so, here you go."

Cult of Personality hits as the bell is rung and Punk is holding up the title.

Match 2Edit

Randy Orton and Hugh Jackman come out for their US Title match.

The bell rings and Randy hits a bunch of Forearm hits, followed by throwing Hugh onto the apron and hitting him with the Rope DDT. Hugh comes back with the JackHammer, but Orton hits an Overdrive(Older Orton finisher - look it up). He hits an Orton Stomp, followed by the RKO.




Orton goes crazy and hits a Punt on Hugh, to (kayfabe - look it up)injure him.

Match 3Edit

Slashranger walks out.

Slashranger, "This is bad. We need to end Annihilation early tonight, some stars are having trouble reaching the arena. So, goodnight. This will be the final match, and the Main Event."

Main EventEdit

Jeff Hardy comes out, followed by John Findoma.

The bell rings, and Matt comes in and dominates everyone including his own brother Jeff. The show goes off the air with Matt standing in the ring.