Fireworks go off as the second episode of U: Next Wrestlers kicks off.

Match 1Edit

Hunter Ignitus comes out, followed by Overtaker.

The bell rings, and Hunter hits Overtaker with a clothesline. Hunter pushes Overtaker away from a dropkick, and big boots him. Overtaker looks out of it, so Hunter hits an Ignite. Hunter pins.




Match 2Edit

Fred Fraetor comes out, followed by Thrash.

Miranda, "Fred's got a lot on his hands. Thrash's all tough, no talk. Fred used to be a GM, so this'll be tough for Fred."

The bell rings, and Fred tries to push Thrash, but it has no effect. Thrash just tosses Fred right across the ring, and Fred rolls under the bottom rope. Thrash taunts the crowd, and pulls Fred back in. Fred backs away, but Thrash picks him up into a Feel the Pain, and pins.





All of the rookies are standing there with their pros.

Slashranger, "During the commercial break, vote someone out, and we'll be back after this for the elimination!"

After a commercial break, Slashranger is holding an envelope.

Slashranger, "The person voted out is.......Hunter Ignitus!"

Hunter looks shocked. He turns around to leave, and CM Punk picks him up into a GTS.

Slashranger, "If you get eliminated, that's what will happen. Be afraid rookies. Be very afraid."

The show goes off the air with Punk standing over Hunter.

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