Slashranger comes out.

Ranger, "Well well well, welcome to our UNW Fans."

Ranger, "Please welcome our Rookies and Pros!"

Pro GM Stephanie McMahon comes out.

Stephanie, "Welcome my GM Rookie, Veronica!"

Veronica comes out.

Veronica, "Now say hello to the other rookies and pros!"

Rookie/Pro #1Edit

Kofi Kingston comes out, followed by the High-Flying Rookie, Overtaker.

  • Name: Overtaker
  • Entrance Music: Can't Touch This by MC Hammer
  • Signatures: Moonsault, Flying High(Imploding Senton)
  • Finisher: Over the Top(630 Senton)

Rookie/Pro #2Edit

Chris Benoit comes out, followed by his Rookie, Thrash.

  • Name: Thrash
  • Entrance Music: Slow Chemical by Finger Eleven
  • Signatures: KnockOut Punch, Cutter
  • Finisher: Feel the Pain(Chokeslam Lift into a Cutter)

Rookie/Pro #3Edit

The Rock comes out, followed by his rookie, Jaden Kieth.

  • Name: Jaden Kieth
  • Entrance Music: Shout at the Devil by Hollywood Undead
  • Signatures: Superkick, Shout at the Devil(Fireman's Carry into a Cutter)
  • Finisher: Kieth Kutter(Jumping Cutter into a Camel Clutch)

Rookie/Pro #4Edit

Randy Orton comes out, followed by his rookie Michael McGillicutty.

  • Name: Mike McGillicutty
  • Entrance Music: And The Horse He Rode In On by Reluctant Hero
  • Signatures: Rolling Neck Snap, Belly to Belly Suplex
  • Finisher: McGillicutter(Running One-Armed Swinging Neckbreaker)

Rookie/Pro #4Edit

CM Punk comes out, followed by his rookie Hunter Ignitus.

  • Name: Hunter Ignitus
  • Entrance Music: Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
  • Signatures: Jumping Cutter, The Hunter(DDT followed by a Neck Lock)
  • Finisher: Ignite(Elevated Powerbomb)

Rookie/Pro #5Edit

Mason Ryan comes out, followed by his rookie Fred Fraetor.

  • Name: Fred Fraetor
  • Entrance Music: Authority Song by John Mellencamp
  • Signatures: DDT, Suplex
  • Finisher: With Authority(DDT followed by an Ankle Lock)

Rookie/Pro #6Edit

Jake Makrin comes out, followed by his rookie Arogaance.

  • Name: Arogaance
  • Entrance Music: Model by Jim Johnston
  • Signatures: Neckbreaker, Arrogant? No!(Superkick followed by an armbar)
  • Finisher: I'm Perfect(Fireman's Carry into a Standing Takeover followed by a Neck Lock)

Main EventEdit

Arogaance and Hunter Ignitus are in the ring.

The bell rings and they lock up. Hunter hits an uppercut and taunts Arogaance. Arogaance gets up but gets taken down by a DDT.

Miranda, "This is a squash match!"

Hunter taunts Arogaance again and picks him up. Ignitus hits the Hunter. Ignitus taunts Arogaance again, and pins.




Arogaance gets up, but runs right into an Ignite from Ignitus.




Hunter Ignitus celebrates.

Miranda, "So, who's your favorite rookie? Vote who should get eliminated, and see you next week!"

The show goes off the air,

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