Once, a long time ago, there was one man who seen this wiki. He turned it around, from being an inactive wiki to a very active wiki, with a friend. The friend is gone, and so was the man, but now...... all we know is.... he has come back!

Hello everyone, I am JDUDE, you may remember me from past shows, a LOOONNNNGGG time ago, well, I am the admin here, and was going to abandon this inactive wreckage, but I see new users are on. If I could help in any way, tell me. Questions? Ask me. I will help as much as possible. Also, if you want to see some pretty cool shows, look up the old shows of mine. I will not write shows, as I own an efed, but if anyone needs match writing, or wants to have any storyline ideas (my specialty) just let me know!

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