Swaby Family Tag Team Of Generation.,,, From Ashley Swaby and Arley Swaby (Bullet Club).,,,

Swaby Family (Pipo's Family)
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Members Arley Swaby (Bullet Club) (Biological Son)

Derlis Richar Swaby Mayo (Biological Father/Fake Brother) Ricardo Swaby Rivers (Biological Grandfather) Ashley Irace Swaby (Biological Sister/former enemy) Denia Swaby Ortiz (Biological Mother)

Combined Weight Unknown
Former Members Yolanda Swaby (Biological Aunt, Heel Turn)
Debut 2016
Disbanded: (Known)
years active: (2005, 2013; - 2016, 2017 present-)

Family Slitp upEdit

  • Swaby Family Biologcial Members from WWE.,,,

Themes SongEdit

  • " Family Run Away " By Ft. DMX & CFO$ (WWE Present- October 5, 2016, January 5th 2017)
  • "Blood Work V2" By Daniel Holter (TNA Present-2016)
  • "Gangsta Lane" By Jim Johnston and Rey Mysterio (WWE Present-2016 Member Of Swaby Family (Arley & Ashley))
  • " Chinese World " by Jim Johnston and Daniel Holter (WWE Present-2016 used by Swaby Family)
  • "Flanited (remix)" by CFO$ and Marley Swaby (WWE Present-2017)
  • "Fearless Warriors" by Jim Johnston ft. S-Preme (WWE present-2017 teaming with Arley Swaby)

Replacement TeamsEdit

  • The Brothers (WWE/replaced by Bullet Clubs)

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