WAW (World Annihilation Wrestling) is the soon to be amazing efed... and you sign up here. Current shows are Wrath and Domination. When you sign up, a GM Must accept you to a show.

Copy and Paste, fill outEdit

Wrestlers name: javante

Wrestling Style: high flyer

Prefered show: Smack down

Finishing Move:kick flip

Finishing Move description: picture perfect, flip off the top ropes and land straight on the stomach. Star bomb, lift opponent on sholders,flip both me and opponent up side down, and pin.

Any Signatures or any other notable moves (must have at least 3): the super spear, animal lock, speed dial close line. super cross bodyHeel or Face (Good or Bad): good

Peronality Description: nice but seriouse

Does many Promos (yes, no, a good amount): yes

Physical Description: white, slouch,buffed chest, long arms,curved feet

Any other details: i won MVP on the Winamac Wrestling team

Description of entrance (optional): fire works, and run to the ring

Theme song (optional): Seasons, the Veer Union

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