Satonga Fatengi was a Samoan professional wrestler under contract at KWF, which was KWE, but called Federation instead of entertainment. He was in the business for over 60 years. He has a son, Amosa Fatengi.

Early yearsEdit

In 1953, the KWF had just begun. In his first match against Jim The Destroyer, a 300 lb 7'4 wrestler then, Satonga won his first match by hitting Jim with his finishing move, the bulldog. He then won the title in his second match, against Young Alexander Orton Sr.


Satonga Fatengi

Billed Height


Billed Weight

450 lbs

Billed From

The Isle of Samoa


In the 1960's, Satonga had won his 13th Title, but eventually lost it to JJ Anderson, in which the two had a two year feud. At a pay per view, In Your House special, Satonga defeated Anderson in a Last Man Standing match, putting him through the announce table.

1970's and injuryEdit

In 1971, Satonga had been a 23 time KWF champion and had another challenge. At that time, Bobby Kalyan Joesph and Fatengi had a title match at Hell In A Cell. Satonga and Joesph fought on the top of the cell, until Satonga was thrown off, rupturing his ribs. The match was deemed over and Satonga was taken out on a stretcher. He came back and attacked Joseph two months later.

1980's and childrenEdit

In early 1983, Satonga and his wife had three children, one being Amosa, another Jalova, and another called Siminga. He was a 40 time champion, an all time record.

In 1987 Satonga had his last match, his 1000th match, against Jack The Puncher, and won, but was forced into retirement. from then on, he was a commentator for KWF, and until his death in 2013, KWE.


Satonga died of old age. He was 93 years old

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