RKOHHH walks ou

RKOHHH: I am proud to present to you Redemption!!!!! we start the night with a title match

Match 1Edit

Marson walks out

Jarty walks out

Erick Loar:This is a SNW title match!!! weighing 230 lbs hes from chicago illianois Marson!!! weighing 200 lbs hes from North Carolina Jarty!!!!!

the ring bells

Marson punches Jarty in the gut real hard and jarty falls down

Hernaty Johnson (announcer): this will be a good match right Gernaty?

Gernaty Johnson (announcer): oh yes it will

Jarty kicks Marson in the face then climbs the turnbuckle

Marson falls down to the mat

Jarty jumps off the turnbuckle onto Marson

Jarty pins Marson


Marson kicks out

Jarty picks up Marson, and slams him out the ring

Hustler comes out

Hustler: wait a minute i have changed this match into a Triple Threat Match!!!

the fan cheers

Kosker comes out

Jarty kicks Kosker in the face

Kosker doesnt fall down and grabs Jarty by the neck

Jarty tries to grab Koskers hand off his neck

Marson comes back up and jumps on Kosker

Kosker throws Marson off

Jarty hits the Back Fire on Kosker

Kosker gets hit in the face and falls down

Jarty kicks Kosker in the skull

Marson gets up and does the Powerful Slam on Jarty

Jarty gets slammed to the mat so hard he cant get up

Marson pins Jarty


the bell rings

Erick Loar: here is your winner and the new SNW Champion Marson!

Bigger the Better (team) comes out

Superfly: Marson you had a good match

Flyguy: Yea you did

Marson: what are ya doing here

Flyguy:where here to tell you that one of us will take that title

Marson: you sure about that?


the fans boo at Flyguy & Superfly

Marson: we'll see

Marson leaves

Junebug comes out with a Ball Machine

Junebug: This ball machine will show what matches there will be

Junebug takes out 2 balls with Hurpoty & Josh Leonard

Junebug: the match stipulation will be....

Junebug takes out another ball that says a Tag Team Match

Junebug: now i need to take another one

Junebug takes out 2 more that says Flyguy & Superfly

Junebug: the next match will be for the tag team titles Bigger the Better vs Hurpoty & Josh Leonard!

the fans cheer


Weaverman: Marson!

Marson: What?

Weaverman: congrats!

Marson: uh....thanks

Weaverman: U are the SNW Champion for life!

Marson: ok........uh.........I need to get going

Weaverman:oh sorry

Marson: no problem

Marson leaves

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