This is a list of all results from events produced by the NWE.


7/01/12: Episode 1Edit

# Match Stipulation(s)
1 Blank Ultra defeated Clayton Bruck by pinfall Singles match
2 Jarod Fury defeated Niteflame by pinfall Singles match
3 Snow Withers defeated Millie Shaw by pinfall Singles match
4 The V-Stronghold defeated The Storm by disqualification Tag team match
5 Nick R. Alcrock defeated Jim Bison by pinfall Singles match
6 Frances Artone defeated Rhett Ervine by submission Singles match with Luke Kerry as special guest referee


11/01/12: Episode 1Edit

# Match Stipulation(s)
1 Brandon Whyte defeated Gary Braddan by pinfall Singles match
2 Iyah Cameron defeated Lilly Quinn by pinfall Singles match
3 Adam Ward defeated Alexis Lagoya by submission Singles match
4 Walter Reid defeated Foggy Lewton by pinfall Singles match
5 Mick Carola defeated Sean Fasser by submission Singles match


27/01/12: Chaos Theory (2013)Edit


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