Matt Tensai, or more commonly known by his ring name  Monster, is a Japanese professional wrestler who is currently wrestling for KWE.

Weight: 483 lbs

Height: 6'9

Feud with Adam WardEdit

Adam Ward, NWE's most loved wrestler, began a feud with Tensai after their one match at an event in Kansas City. The two began to have backstage brawls, in which Tensai would win because of his size. One time, Ward hit Tensai over the head with a chair, giving Tensai a concussion and out for 2 weeks. He returned and attacked Ward, and challenged him for the NWE Knockout title, in which Tensai won. For the next 12 weeks, the two began to feud more until Tensai eventually won at a live event, making Ward give up. The two then went their seperate ways.


Tensai weighs 483 lbs.

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