Kaity-Lynn is a professional wrestler currently signed to UNW on its Versus brand as part of the Divas division


Kaity was hand-picked by UNW to be on their main roster without being on the Developmental roster, or the EWA(Extreme Wrestling Alliance) roster. She made her debut by attacking current Divas champ Jack Maybeck. She won the title at the following PPV, Danger, and is fighting Jack Maybeck for the title at Destination: SOS.

In WrestlingEdit


  • Headlight - Scissors Kick(Booker T's Finisher)
  • Never Appreciated - Bronco Buster
  • Superkick


  • Chick Kick
  • Headscissors off top rope
  • Standing Moonsault
  • Seated Senton
  • Jillian Hall Springboard Elbow Drop

Face or HeelEdit

  • Heel