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Koumo Wrestling Entertainment, KWE, is a rival wrestling company to NWE, airing on Syfy in February 2013. There are three versions of KWE, KWE Tough Enough, a show in which wrestling beginners (jobbers) are taught by legends and are given challenges, KWE Dawning, in which one half of the roster is, and KWE Redemption, another half of the roster.

KWE Dawning airs every tuesday, wednesday and friday and their signature color is purple, meanwhile KWE Redemption airs on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, and their signature color green, making the shows being live on those days they're on. 

There is also a KoumoMania pay per view being added soon. 

Superstars in KWE Edit

Leon Dupler                  

Brodus Johnson

Hardy Dubstep



Sin Mysterio

Monster(Matt Tensai)

Akebono Clay


Mr Brandy

JJ Hulk


Drew McKinleyson

Aaron Goldfinger 

Jack Ryan 

Josh Lalor 

Gordo Oslov


Nervous Nellie

Alex Cross