Jack Maybeck is a professional wrestler signed to UNW on its Versus brand as part of the Divas Division


Jack Maybeck is one of the first Divas to be part of the UNW. As so, she was awarded with the Divas Championship after defeating Winifred Major. She defended the title at numerous PPVs and usually won, until she lost the title to Katie-Lynn. She entered a feud with Lynn, and will be fighting against her for the title in her rematch clause at Destination: SOS.

In WrestlingEdit


  • UNW Diva - DDT, followed by a High Angled Senton Bomb
  • Ice, Ice, Baby - Corner Headbutt, followed by a Hip Attack
  • Turnbuckle Moonsault


  • Superkick
  • Boston Crab
  • One-Legged Boston Crab
  • Headscissors off top rope
  • Fireman's Carry

Face or HeelEdit

  • Face