So far, JDUDE (the Hardcorre King) Has bought WWE, and is running things a little differently. Smackdown and RAW are still the shows. Currently, champs are

  • IC- Y2J
  • Cruiserweight- Cody Rhodes
  • WHC- Randy Orton
  • WWE- HBK
  • USA- Miz
  • Tag Team- Kofi Kingston and Big Show (BoomShow)

And currently, the Miz has just won his title at TLC. BoomShow has been winning nonstop matches, including beating epico and primo at TLC. Michaels was reinstated, and beat HHH and CM Punk for the WWE Championship at WWE. WHC has just won his title against Kane. Jericho is looking to unify his title with the WHC, but is caught by Rhodes with a cheap shot on RAW Supershow, this is where it begins.

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