Well, it's definitely been a while. The site has definitely NOT been very active while I was gone...well, I'm back, though I can't say if it's for good. Now, to address some other matters.

WWE: Wrestling Fanon Wiki may be moving.Edit

Now, I can't say if this is going to be the whole site, or just my bit, UNW, but I am probably going to create a new site for either of those, and anyone looking to either join an e-fed in UNW's case or edit and create their own wrestling fanon in the WWE: WFW's case.

If WWE: WFW does not move, I will be more active than before.Edit

Hopefully, if this works out, I will be way more active on the wiki.

If WWE: WFW does not move and does not take off, I will be leaving again.Edit

The title pretty much sums it all up!

I wish all new users good luck, and hopefully get some wiki rules up soon. Thanks!

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