Bischoff is BACKEdit

After months of being out of action, this Monday, The combined show of HWE and UNW, Eric Bischoff will return to face off with Slaughterhouse's current GM Zack Ryder

JDUDE in Trouble?Edit

It has been announced, that the founder of the company JDUDE may be in store for some issues involving HWE, tune in this Monday to find out more

Jonathan Coachman gets job in HWEEdit

Jonathan Coachman will be geting a job in HWE, what it is is currently unknown


This Thursday, on ECW, we will have a match between Three rivals, Tommy Dreamer, Rapp3r, and Goldust, in a 30 foot cell that is covered with barbed wire, flames, and weapons. The steel has no top, and the match works like a championship scramble match. Whoever pins or KOs someone last is the champion, and must climb out of the cage quickly.

Not 2 Cool for NitrixEdit

Newest Nitrix team Too Cool with be fighting this monday

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