Hellbound by Eminem plays

The JDUDE approaches

JDUDE: Welcome to Satans Fear, where the main event, wil be a number one contenders match for a Satans Key, which use will be revealed later, oh, and for now, we have Batistas title being defended against

HBK comes out

Match 1Edit

HBK and Batista lock up, but Batista gets the upperhand and does a spinebuster, then a ddt and multiple elbow drops

Batista then hits a ddt again, but then gets into a ddt position, but hits a twist of fate!

He goes for a pin.....1......2.......3



Interviewer Brie Bella comes up to Rapp3r( Hes coming back to being rapp3r, but he is still the her0)

Rapp3r: Ah, Bella hows it going

Brie: Well, I was going to ask you some questions

Rapp3r: Knock yourself out

Brie: Well, I heard you have plans to be in the big main event Satans Nightmare

Rapp3r: True

Brie: Do you fear having to go against 5 other men,

Rapp3r: False

Brie: And do you have aby plans about taking out gWo?

Rapp3r: True

Brie: and they are?

Rapp3r: as the leader of NDX, I set up taking out Bischoff, Sting, and all of them that we took out this week, WE WILL WIN this fight

Match 2Edit

Mulio and Samoan Syx come out followed by gWo

Sting and Bischoff get in the ring

Dashing comes out

JDUDE comes out

JDUDE: I have announced that this will be, the first ever, triple threat, tag team, elimination chained Tables match, Heres how it works

Rhodes, Mulio, and Sting will be connected

Ziggler, Samoan Syx, and Bischoff will be connected

and when one member of a team is put through a table, that team is out and will be released from the chains

Match starts

JDUDE enters the ring real quick and attaches the chains together with 4 other chains, then he puts a lco on the chains so they cant be broken, everyone is locked together

Samoan Syx throws everyone one by one except mulio

Mulio grabs a table set on the apron of the ring

Mulio places it in the ring, but is caught in a zig zag through the table

JDUDE comes in with a saw and slices up the chain next to Mulio and a Samoan Syx

Rhodes hits an alabama slam on Sting, followed by a diving elbow drop by Ziggler

Bischoff goes for a roundhouse kick, but gets caught in another alabama slam, and Ziggler grabs a table and sets it up by leaning it against a groggy Sting

Ziggler puts Bischoff in a sleeper hold, using the chains to tie Bischoff up even more, while Rhodes grabs the table and leans in up in the corner

Ziggler climbs the ropes and hits a zig zag through the table



Match 3Edit

Big Show comes out, followed by the undertaker


Undertaker goes for a chokeslam, but gets caught into another choke position by the Big Show

Show hits a WMD with his other hand, and then a chokeslam lift up into a spear


Match 4Edit

Tommy Dreamer comes out, followed by Sting


Dreamer quickly hits a dreamer driver




JDUDE is shown on the phone

JDUDE: Ranger, you think I hired your director.... he showed up along with his group of people, its not my fault

JDUDE: Now I know your angry, but he attacked everyone, he attacked the officials backstage on ECW to come out, I cant help his actions.... What do you want me to do, I cant fire him, I cant stop him from being on my show,

JDUDE gets a big smile on his face

JDUDE: I know what to do


Maryse comes out, as well as Jenny Sweet, Both Bellas, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Kiebler, and Candice Michelle

Rapp3r comes out

Rapp3r: AND WELCOME TO THE FIRST EVER HORRORFUL PAGEANT, featuring these fine ladies

Bellas are dressed as twin zombies, Stacy is dressed as a cat, Torrie is dressed as a clown, jenny is dressed as catwomen, Candice is dressed as a wonder women

Rapp3r: Now lets see who is the winner

Rapp3r looks around and finds a piece of paper attached to each one of the girls asses

The letters spell out CANDICE


The ladies celebrate and hug Rapp3r, as they leave and are shown leaving in Rapp3rs limo

Match 5Edit

Zack Ryder comes out, and is dressed in a Mr. T outfit, followed by Mr. Kennedy, dressed as Zack Ryder, and mocks him with a fake belt that says WOO WOO WAH

The match starts

Ryder hits a DDT, followed by a rough ryder early in the match, but Kennedy throws his body at a turnbuckle and his head hits the steel hard

1.............2.......................3.....................4................5...................6................7............... Ryder gets up slowly, but he doesn have enough strength to go for a pin


Ryder wins the match because of White Titles special rules


Rapp3r and Rick Wild come out from Nitrix

RVD and Grando Masses from ECW come out

Money Meister and Sam American come out fom Slaughterhouse

The cage lowers

JDUDE comes out

JDUDE: As you see, that chain has weapons chained inside it, and a hole on top and a door on the side, when people get pinned, they must get out of the ring, in elimination style, and when there is two people, left, they try grabbing the Key... that simple, oh, and that Satans Key is attached to the top of the cage, so that no one can get it until the final two fight

Match starts

Money Meister quickly rolls up RVD


RVD leaves angrily

Rapp3r grabs a chair and hits Rick in the face with it

Sam goes after Grando, but gets caught in a grandouch and then gets his face into the steel

Rapp3r runs after Sam and Grando and pushes them both into a hanging piece of barbed wireMeister goes for a double pin on Grando and Sam

Grando rolls out, but sam is still knocked out


Grando catches Meister in a Grandouch and knocks Meister out

Wild hits a Wild Rocket on a grounded Meister and goes for a pin


Grando throws Meister out of the ring, while Rapp3r gently places Sam outside the ring

Rapp3r hits a crossface on Grando as he taps out

Grando leaves

gWo comes out

gWo is shaking the cage, trying to get involved in the match

Rapp3r throws Rick right into Stings hands

Rapp3r then hits a RAP 0N, then a half nelson choke plex

Rick gets up and Rapp3r hits a powerbomb

Rapp3r then hits a savior (Suplex into a powerbomb)

Rapp3r climbs the cage and grabs the key, then hits a 630 senton

Rapp3r has key to Satan