ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer comes out

Goldust is shown backstage

Dreamer: What goldust doesnt know, is that I am a special guest refereee for his and Rapp3rs match RIGHT NOW, WATCH

Dreamer runs backstage

Match 1Edit

Goldust is shown walking down the halls

Rapp3r hits him from behind with a reverse spear

Rapp3r grabs a pipe and beats Goldust in the shoulder with it

Goldust gets up, and is holding his shoulder

Rapp3r hits a bull dog onto goldust onto a soda can

Dreamer cpmes up from behind Rapp3r and hits a Dream Buster (new finisher, running inverted neckbreaker)

Rapp3r is knocked out, Goldust covers


Tommy hits Goldust

Rapp3r gets up, and hits a suplex onto goldust

Rapp3r has dust in the air

Rapp3r then throws dust onto a trash can

Rapp3r hits Dust with the lid of that can

Rapp3r takes the lid, and slams it i the face of dreamer

Rapp3r runs don the halls

Dust and Dreamer are looking for him

Dreamer and dust enter Pipers office

Rapp3r throws Dust into a bookcase

Dreamer goes for a dreamer driver,, but that gets turned into a ddt

Rapp3r throws dist into the bookcase again

The bookcase falls on Dreamer

Rapp3r hits a KO punch on Dust

Rapp3r covers

Rapp3r movesDreamers hands


Match 2Edit

Maryse comes out

Kelly Kelly from UNW comes out

Kelly tries hitting a K2, but it gets caught in a back body drop

Maryse goes for a ddt, but it gets turned into a neckbreaker

Kelly goes for pin


Maryse gets up, grabs Kellys top, pulls it off, then while Kelly is distracted, hits a roll up


Match 3Edit

Batista and Y2J walk out

Batista goes for a body punch

Y2J tries for a counter, but his counter gets turned into a Batista bomb


Batista celebrates with his ECW Championship

JDUDE: No, Dave

JDUDE: You no get ECW title, look at the replay


batista: I will give you a chance to unify our titles at Final Destination


JDUDE: You said chris could unify them, not yourself

Main EventEdit

Sting runs out to the ring, with Michelle

Lee Hardy comes out

Lee hits a ddt on sting

Sting goes for a clothesline, but it gets turned into an armbar

Michelle cmes in the ring

Sting forces her to go out

Rapp3rs music comes on (without me)

Sting is distracted

Lee hits a Hardy Party

Sting tells michelle to run in the ring and help him

Michelle forcefully does, but hits Sting with the briefcase

lee covers


Lee celebrates with his title, and Grabs Stings briefcase

Lee: I dont want this, so I will make one more match, for this.... and it will be for the case ONLY no title

Lee pulls Stings knocked out body onto him


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