Sting comes out with his briefcase

Xavier Katara comes out

Match 1Edit

nWo sting comes out and distracts the ref, while Xavier hits Sting with his own briefcase, then tries for a ddt, but sting catches him and turns it into a suplex except with Xaviers foot hitting nWo Sting

Sting hits a reverse ddt then

Sting hits another reverse ddt, then another, then another

nWo sting climbs the apron again, but Sting hits him with a rope hung ddt

Sting then hits a diving ddt on Xavier

Xavier gets up and is about to hit Sting with a spear, but sting turns it into a twisting reverse ddt and pins


Match 2Edit

Tommy Dreamer and Rapp3r are shown backstage, tlaking and eating

Rapp3r: Sorry about the whole house thing, you know I need that title, its the only thing keeping my career together, I mean, I would be fired if I dont have it, because people always complain about me and how useless I am...

Dreamer: Oh, wow, thats kinda sad, but this doesnt mean I take it easy on you

Goldust comes behind them, and gives Rapp3r a reverse DDt

Goldust hangs Dreamer by setting him up between two walls, and then hits a shattered dream on him

vampiro hits a nail in the coffin, knocking dust out

Rapp3r covers




Y2J is shown talking to Maryse

Y2J: Look at me, defeated Taker once, I will beat him again at WRESTLEFEST

Maryse: You are going to Have to prove it to me

Taker shows up and pushes Maryse aside

Taker: you got lucky, you fight me again, in a fair fight, you will be wishing for mercy

Match 3Edit

Y2J looks at a text on his phone sent from JDUDE

It reads

"You two, match... NOW.... last man standing, so fight"

Taker quickly hits Jericho with a boot

Taker looks around and grabs a chair

Taker goes to hit Jericho with the chair, but Jericho moves and Taker goes face first into the chair

Jericho hits a backbreaker

Jericho grabs the chair, sets it up, then hits a lionsault on Taker with it!

Jericho runs and does a running knee to Takers face

Jericho locks in a walls of Jericho

Taker manages to kick jericho in the face, and break out of it

Jericho stands up, but Taker hits a last ride

Taker grabs a table, then sets it up next to a wall

Taker grabs Jericho, then sets him up against the table leaning on the wall

But then, Goldberg comes and hits a spear to Taker, causing both Taker and Jericho to go through the table



JDUDE is shown in his office talking to Slashranger

JDUDE is pointing to a replay of what happened on a huge flatscreen tv

Ranger: Look JDUDE, its not my fault

JDUDE: Well, you can prevent it, NOW I KNOW we are supposed to have a fued, but keep your damn wrestlers out of MINES DAMN MATCHES, unless they are in it, GOT IT

Ranger: I will tell them...

Match 3Edit

Divlicous comes out, followed by Mickie James

Mickie gives Div a ddt

Mickie then bounces off the ropes and hits a running splash

Mickie then bounces off the bottom ropes to hit a diving moonsault

Mickie hits a Good Night Kiss, then kisses Div, and pins



Main EventEdit

Undertaker and Y2J come out again

They are standing in the ring, but Goldberg comes out again

Goldberg is running to the rung, but just in time, a cage drops and Goldberg hits his head against the cage and is KOd outside the ring

a Top falls onto the cage, so that no one can get in even trying to climb in

Taker goes to chokeslam Jericho, but then, Jericho jumps up and bounces off the ropes, and then his feet hit the cage and bounce off of them, causing an extra painful springboard ddt

Taker is down, and Jericho starts climbing the cage, then bounces off the top trying for a moonsault

Taker rolls out of the way quickly

Taker then hits a running leg drop on Jericho

Taker starts kicking Jerichos shoulder, over and over again

jericho then cathes Takers leg, pulls him down, then starts climbing the cage immediately

Taker gets up and does the same

They both are climbing the center of the cage at the top

Jericho goes for a HUGE Codebreaker, but Taker cathes him in a chokeslam!

Taker slams him down, then jumps off and pins



Goldberg Actually Spears the cage down, then gets in the ring and gives taker a jackhammer

The show goes off air

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