Cody Rhodes comes out

Cody: I WILL NOW be hosting my new show, The Dashing Point of View, right here right now

Kane comes out


Kane: And what do you want

Cody: I just wanted to ask you something

Kane: Fine, go ahead

Cody: I heard you have plans for the new Hardcorre championship

Kane: Yes, and do you have a problem with that?

Cody: I will be the one asking questions

Kane: Fine

Cody: So, do you have any plans because I heard the two number one contenders will be announced in a rumble match tonight

Kane: So did I

Cody: We can work together and be the final two people in that match

Kane shakes Codys Hand, but then starts sqeezing his hand

Ziggler comes out

Kane starts choking Ziggler and Cody

Kane chokeslams both, but then Dibiase comes out

Kane looks at Ted, and before choking him, Ted pulls out his hand

Kane shakes it, but then lets go

ted picks up Rhodes and has him in a dream street position, but kane helps ted by adding one of his hands to it in a chokeslam postion,

They hit a Dream Street Chokeslam

Everyone clears the ring


maryse enters the ring

Maryse: I would like, for the tenth episode of Slaughterhouse to be special

Maryse takes off her clothes and dances

Double J Jacker runs in the ring and starts beating her up

Match 1Edit

Double J Jacker bounces off the ropes and ggrabs Maryse hair and brings her down

Maryse then grabs Jackers leg and trips her, then puts in a camel clutch and she taps out

Maryse celebrates and strips Double J Jacker

Match 2Edit

Mega Warrior comes out

Big Show comes out

Mega Warrior easily picks up big show and hits a gorilla press slam and brings in two chairs, ref takes one out and when the ref is distracted, Mega Warrior then hits Big show in the face with the other and pins


Match 3Edit

Ted Dibiase, Kane, Ziggler, Rhodes, Lee Hardy, Grando Masses, Mega Warrior, Money Mountain, and Money Meister come out

Kane goes to chokeslam Rhodes, but Ziggler Zig Zags Kane out of the ring

grando then pushes Ziggler and Rhodes out of the ring, then dropkicks Mountain out of the ring

Money Meister is taunting him, but Mega lifts up Meister and throws him to Money Mountain who catches him in a bear hug

grando goes for a nelson hold but gets snapmared over the rope

Dibiase is thrown over the rope by Lee Hardy

main EventEdit

Zack Ryder comes out


Match starts

Mega Warrior goes for a gorrila press slam, but it gets caught into a twist of fate

Lee goes out of the ring, sets up the steel steps facing each other on the announce table

Mega warrior goes for a diving axe handle, but gets caughtinto a ddt

lee grabs a chair and places it around Megas neck

Mega jums on the announce table

Lee then hits a Fate Breakeronto the announce table and the steel steps with the chair around his neck

He then hits a Hardy Party and Mega taps out


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