Eric Bischoff comes out

Eric: Well.... in our main event... we will have the ownership battle... where my team.... JDUDEs team... and Shanes team... will fight for who will own HWE

JDUDE walks out

JDUDE: No... we will have it right now... so we can play the night out

Match 1Edit

Shane McMahon, Sting, Big Show, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, and Mick Foley walk out

Eric Bischoff,, Beer Money, JBL, Garrett Bischoff, and Mega Warrior walk out

JDUDE, Boogeyman, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Little Boogeyman, Curt hawkins, and Zack Ryder come out, with ryder making his return

Then triple threat elimination tag match begins

Shane and Eric start the match off. Shane quickly hits Eric with a ddt, then tags in Piper. Piper smacks Eric, then picks up Eric in an oklahoma slam position. but JBL tags himself in, saving Eric. JBL hits a clothesline from hell on Piper, but Piper falls into the corner, where Hawkings runs in the ring. Curt spears JBL, then pins


JBL IS OUT. Eric runs back in the ring, but quickly tags in Big Show. Hawkins tags in Eric then. Show spears Eric! JDUDE grabs a mic

JDUDE: OK.... OK look, this is somewhat exciting, but to boost the ratings, i think 1 member from each team should be in......

Ryder runs into the ring and gives Show and Eric a double Rough Ryder. He pins Eric


Show then hits a WMD on Ryder. and Roode runs in the ring, but is caught into a spear. Show hits a cobra clutch backbreaker hold on Roode, who taps. James Storm then runs in the ring to be caught into a WMD into a Rough Ryder. Show pins


BEER MONEY IS OUT.Mega Warrior runs into the ring, spearing both men. Warrior then hits a superbomb to Ryder, who is KOd. Warrior locks in an armbar hold though. Show picks up Warrior and Ryder, but Warrior lets go of Ryder. Show picks up Ryder in a powerbomb position. Warrior then picks Show up, climbs the ropes, and hits a HUGE superbomb to Show, who superbombs Ryder. Warrior pins both


Show and Ryder out. Sting and Lil Boogeyman run into the ring. Sting hits a Reverse ddt on Warrior, but is caught into a roll-up pin by Lil Boogeyman


STING IS OUT. Tommy Dreamer runs in the ring. Lil Boogeyman is lifted and thrown 7 feet in the air by Mega Warrior, then is dropped into a piledriver. Lil Boogeyman looks knocked out, and Dreamer pins


Warrior picks up Lil Boogeyman before 3 and chokeslams him onto Dreamer. Warrior pins dreamer


Dreamer is out. Sabu runs in the ring, only to be caught in a boogeyslam by Lil Boogeyman, who tags in Boogeyman

Boogeyman hits a chokeslam on both people, and then pins Sabu


SABU IS OUT. Mick Foley runs into the ring and its a mandible claw on Boogeyman, who taps out.

BOOGEYMAN IS OUT. Hawkins runs back to the ring, only to be KOd by Mega Warrior by a running KO punch

Officials come and take Hawkins away. CURT IS OUT. Rowdy Roddy Piper gets back in the ring and locks in a sleeper hold on Foley, who is KOd then is hit with a Killing streak. Warrior then tags in Garrett Bischoff. Garrett is caught into a quick Running KO punch, then is pinned


GARRETT IS OUT. Mega Warrior is the only man left for team Eric. Foley stands up and hits a double arm DDT onto Piper and pins

1.........2.......3 PIPER IS OUT.

JDUDE runs in the ring, only to be caught into a huge backbreakker by Warrior, then he is hit with multiple Killing streaks. then pinned


JDUDE is out.

Warrior throws Foley into the turnbuckle, then spears him, then pins

1..........2...........3 FOLEY IS OUT

Shane mcmahon runs into the ring, the only members for every team are in the ring. Shane then hits a body slam on Mega Warrior, while lil boogeyman is hiding, Shane looks for a Leap of Faith, but is caught into a running KO punch. Warrior looks to pin, but is caught into a roll up pin by lil Boogeyman


Warrior is out. Lil Boogeyman pins Shane



Match 2Edit

Bobby Lashley and Hardcore Holly are in the ring for this extreme rules match

Lashley stares at Holly, then looks for a spear, but is thrown out of the ring instead. Lashley stands up and grabs a kendo stick, then runs in the ring and starts hitting Holly with it. Holly jumps out of the ring, grabs a chair, then throws the chair into the ring hitting Lashley, then crawls in the ring and grabs the kendo stick. Holly whacks Lashley in the back with it, then busts it over his head. Holly grabsthe chair and wraps it around Lashleys elbow, but Lashley stands up and strikes Holly with it, then hits the chair on Holly's arm. Lashley rolls under the ring, and grabs a table, but Holly jumps over the ropes, crashing through the table, but hitting lashley. Holly then stands up, grabs Lashley, then throws him into the barricade.Holly from behind hits a reverse ddt. Holly then looks for a spear, but misses and hits the barricade, where Lashley hits a gutwrench powerbomb into. Lahsley looks for a DDT, but Holly picks him up into a spinebuster. Holly looks under the ring, but lashley throws Holly under the ring. Lashley then goes under the ring, and drags Holly out by his foot. Lashley then starts choking Holly, and then stands him up by his neck. Lashley looks for a spear into the turnbuckle post, but it gets reversed, and lashley is in pain. Holly grabs a barbed wire 2x4, then lights it on fire. Holly swings at Lashley, but Lashley ducks, and then bashes Holly's face into the 2x4, then grabs a fire extinguisher from under the ring and puts the fire out. Lashley then smashes the fire extinguisher against Holly's face. Holly then trips Lashley, and takes the advantage. Holly stands up and runs into the ring. Lashley gets up and signals for Holly to come out. Holly gets out at the other side of the ring, and they do a big chase, until finally Holly is tired out and Lashley hits a running spear on him. Lashley looks under the ring, then grabs a ladder. Lashley sets up the ladder, but Holly smashes Lashleys face into the ladder. Holly climbs the ladder, then lashley does. Lashley looks to hit a dominator off the ladder, until Holly slips out of it and hits a suplex off the ladder into the ring. Holly pins


KICKOUT. Holly looks worried, and Lashley stands up and hits a quick spinebuster onto Holly. Holly runs at him again, but is hit with another spinebuster. lashley then looks for a spear, but is caught into an alabama slam, Holly pins


Holly really looks worried, and locks in a chinlock. Lashley picks up Holly and finally gives him a snapmare, then rolls out of the ring to grab a guitar. Holly does a baseball slide into the guitar, which smashes into lashleys face. Lashley throws the guitar down and finds a jar of nails. Lashley opens the jar, runs in the ring, then dumps the nails out. Holly steps on a nail, which allows lashley to take the advantage and hit a spear onto Holly landing on the nails. lashley pins


lashley is angry. Lashley runs out of the ring, grabs a table, and throws it in the ring. Lashley grabs the set up ladder and tosses it in the ring. Lashley sets the table on fire, then climbs the ladder. Holly, then tries pushing the ladder down, but Lashley balances the ladder out. Holly then climbs the ladder with the empty jar of nails in his hand. Lashley gives Holly a headbutt into the jar, then picks him up and hits a dominator threw the flaming table off the ladder, then climbs off the ladder and pins Holly


Lashley is worried now. and Holly stands up, using all his strength. Holly rolls out of the ring, and grabs a kitchen sink! Holly places it in the ring, and looks ready to hit Lashley with it, but steps on a nail, which allows Lashley to grab the sink and toss it into Hollys foot, then hit a thrust spinebuster. Lashley pins



Match 3Edit

ECW Tag Team titles are on the line, between Dashing and the unknown team Boogeyman will choose.

Boogeyman: You two will have to fight...


The tag team match is about to start, but Boogeyman comes out again

Boogeyman: Let's make this match special... you both want new gold..... why not have a good fight for it..... like say it be suspended high above the ring, and you must use tables.... ladders.... chair.... tacks..... pipes...... and everything else extreme in this extreme ladders match.

The match starts, and Barrett quickly big boots Samoan Syx, aiming to get the giant down. ADR aims for Pauls arm, hitting a huge kick to the arm early on. Barrett rolls out of the ring to grab a chair, but Paul jumps over the ropes delviering a huge headbutt to Barrett and hurting himself. ADR kicks Syxs arm. ADR then jumps on his arm, then locks in an armbar. Syx doesnt get out of it, he tries to but fails.Syx looks to get up, but ADR grabs the ropes to push himself down more. Barrett finally stands up, and tosses Max at a ladder. Barrett then gives Max a huge DDT into the concrete floor. Syx is still struggling, but gains some momentum and stands up. ADR takes advantage of this and tries for an enzuirigi, but Syx tosses ADR out of the ring through a table. Max stands up and avoids a big boot and turns it into a lifting reverse brainbuster. Max then grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and smacks ADR with it. Syx climbs the ropes, and hits a huge splash onto Del Rio, crushing him. Syx stands up and tosses ADR face first into the barricade. Barrett stands up and hits a huge bodyslam onto Max. Barrett then catches Syx in a reverse ddt. Barrett picks ADR up. Barrett and ADR attack Syxs arm, with ADR finally hitting an armbar. Max looks to attack ADR, but is hit with a suplex into a chair by Barrett. Barrett grabs a jar of tacks, and smashes it against Maxs face. ADR finally lets go of the hold, and then stomps on Sxys shoulder. Syx gets angry, and grabs ADRs leg and tosses him into Barrett. Syx grabs a ladder with one hand and smashes it against ADRs face. Syx sets up the ladder, then climbs it. Max then stands up, grabs a pipe, and starts whacking Barrett with it, and places him on a table. Syx jumps from the top of the ladder, crashing into Barrett breaking his ribs. Medics come out and takke both of them away on stretchers. ADR and Max are standing face to face, and Max kicks ADR in the face, then hits an electric chair drop onto the ladder. Max grabs the ladder, tosses it in the ring, then sets it up and starts climbing. Max grabs the titles, but he cant take them from the rope. ADR stands up then runs into the ring with a bigger ladder. ADR sets it up, then starts climbing it. Max jumps from the smaller ladder onto the bigger ladder. Max looks for a suplex, but is caught into an armbreaker by ADR. ADR rolls out of the ring, and throws 3 more ladders into the ring.Max stands up, but ADR smashes him into a ladder. ADR rolls out of the ring again, tossing in the ring pipes, sledgehammers, guiatrs, and to finish it off, a bent kitchen sink that was used already in a match! ADR climbs back into the ring, only to be caught in a suplex hammer into a ladder. Max grabs 2 of the ladders and sets them up side by side, then hangs del rio onto four rungs in which he is facing the sky. Max rolls out of the ring and grabs a table. He places that table underneath ADR. Max climbs one ladder and jumps onto del rio with an elbow drop, making both laddders fall and the table to collapse. Max stands up quickly, but is caught into an armbar by a somewhat groggy ADR. ADR then uses this momentum to stand up and grab a pipe. ADR smashes the pipe against Maxs elbow, then chokes Max with it, not letting go. ADR then tosses Max into a ladder. ADR grabs a ladder and sets it up. ADR starts climbing it, but Max gets up and leans a ladder into the already leaned ladder! Max runs up the ladder, only to be caught in an armbreaker off the ladder out of the ring through a table. Max is hurt. and ADR is hurt. Max manages to stand up pushing ADR down, and then he hits an elbow drop on him. Max climbs in the ring, and climbs up one of the ladders. ADR runs in the ring, and then runs up the leaned ladder. Del Rio grabs the title and is suspended in the air, not touching a ladder or anything at all. Max tries to pull him down, but ADR kicks Max in the face, then chokes him with his feet. ADR finally grabs the title, and is dropped to the floor in a painful motion, but is still holding onto his title. Max looks dissapointed.



Ryder: Well, after my injury, I am back, as you seen tonight..... but I decided, why be a GM when I could win titles, why do this, when I could do that.... WOO WOO WOO.... i am welcoming the newest Slaughterhouse General manager........ JONATHAN COACHMAN

Jonathan Coahman walks out

Coach: Well, I am glad to be in charge of something again, and to do something good, I will make a title match right now... for the newly created Slaughterhouse Tag Titles

Match 4Edit

Ryder and Hawkins come out, followed by Sting and Big Show

Coach: lets make this an elimination tag team tables match.

Sting quickly rolls out of the ring letting Show do the work. Show spears Ryder and hawkins. Hawkins stands up but is caught into a cokeslam out of the ring. Show looks for a WMD quick on, but Ryder counters it into a dropkick. Ryder bounces off the ropes only to be caught in a spinebuster. Sting is taunting out of the ring, until Hawkins runs out of the ring and attacks Sting. Hawkins hits a reverse ddt on Hawkins, then hits a DDT on him.Hawkins climbs onto the ropes, but is caught by a chokeslam off the ropes onto but not through a table. Ryder jumps out of the ring, but is caught in a powerbomb position by Sting. Sting then slams Ryder into the ring post. Ryder then looks to stand up, but is caught into a diving axe handle by Show. hawkins stands up and catches Sting in a reverse ddt, but is hit with a chair by Show. Show is dominating, hitting hawkins with multiple chair shits, until Ryder hits a zack attack. Ryder turns around, but hits a rough ryder onto Sting Ryder picks Hawkins up, but Hawkins in caught in a chokeslam through a table. Ryder then hits Show with a tigerbomb through a table. Ryder hits Sting with two DDTs onto the floor, then grabs a chair and whacks Sting with it, ending it up with an elbow drop with the chair. Ryder stands up on the ropes, and jumps hitting a rough ryder onto Sting. Ryder picks Sting up, but Sting hits a powerbomb onto a table, ryder not going through the table. Sting sets up two other tables besides that one. Sting climbs onto the tables, but Ryder hits a zack attack so that he goes off the tables, but Sting goes through. Ryder and Hawkins are the tag team champions of Slaughterhouse

Ryder celebrates, until Show stands up and spears Ryder. Show then hits a WMD on Ryder and Hawkins. Show is angry and hits a powerbomb through a table to hawkins. Ryder tries calimng show down, but Show lifts up Ryder and tosses him through the barricade. Show then picks Ryder up, and hits a WMD. Delirious (look him up, hes the newest HWE superstar) comes out and hits the chemical imbalance 2 onto Show, he lifts up Ryder and Hawkins and brings them backstage celebrating

Match 5Edit

Shane Mcmahon walks out for his title defense

Jigsaw walks out with the crowd going wild for the debut of jigsaw being a title match

Jigsaw runs to the ring, and shane grabs a mic

Shane: Now I heard, that for Valentines spirit.. we would be having some sort of valentines day massacre match

Multiple hearts drop around the ring, and decorations are brought out. The bell rings, and jigsaw quickly hits a running ddt to Shane. Shane grabs a mic, smacks jigsaw with it

Shane: I also heard this was a falls count anywhere match

Shane then hits Jigsaw with a reverse ddt. Jigsaw hops up, but is caught in a huge powerbomb


Jigsaw dodges a kick, then Shane falls onto the ropes. Jigsaw tosses Shane over the ropes, then hits a running no hands tigersault. Jigsaw waits until Shane stands up, then hits a running ddt. Shane grabs a steel heart, and smacks it across Jigsaws face. Shane then smacks Jigsaw into the turnbuckle. Jigsaw does a dropkick to Shane, then starts dragging him towards a huge heart, about the size of the titantron. Shane delivers a spinebuster onto the heart though. Shane then pulls Jigsaws head so that he smashes his head through a paper heart, filled with weapons inside. Jigsaw grabs a pair of brass knuckles, but Shane smashes Jigsaws face into the knuckles. Shane then climbs onto another smaller heart, about the size of the turnbuckle. Shane looks for a leap of faith off of it, but Jigsaw jumps up and hits a Jig'o'tonic off of it. JHigsaw pins


Jigsaw is shocked, and while he is in disbelief, Shane rolls him up

1........2...... Jigsaw rolls him up, with his legs around his head

1.........2.....Shane stands up and tosses Jigsaw into the huge heart. Shane then grabs a ladder. Shane sets it up, and Jigsaw and Shane climb it. Both men are ontop of the ladder, with Jigsaw holding a heart shaped pipe. Jigsaw looks to hit shane with the pipe, but Shane smashes the pipe into the ladder, then knees Jigsaw. Jigsaw dodges a punch and climbs ontop of the ladder, and goes for a rolling powerbomb, but Shane trips Jigsaw and Jigsaw smashes into a heart, going through it. Shane stands on the ladder and grabs the top of the titantron sized heart. Shane looks for a leap of faith, but all of a sudden, the ants go marching plays as The Colony walks out and starts climbing onto the ladder and getting onto the heart. Shane hits a facebuster onto fire ant, then tosses carpentor ant off the heart. Green ant looks for a hurricanrana, but its caught into a powerbomb. Worker ant and Soldier ant then lift up Shane, and then Fire ants stands back up and hits an ant hill onto Shane. Jigsaw climbs onto the heart, jumps off the heart holding shane, then hits a jig'o'tonic onto the ladder, then Shane falls onto the floor while Jigsaw stays onto the ladder. Jigsaw hits a 450 splash, then pins


Jigsaw and the colony celebrate, and when Shane stands up, The colony smashes a heart against his head. Jigsaw is the new World Xtreme champion

Match 6Edit

Batista and Undertaker are in the ring

A Steel Cage lowers, and the steel cage match starts. Batista is quickly taken down with a fist strike. Taker then looks for an early chokeslam, but it's countered into a spear. batista then stands up, but is caught into a lifting reverse ddt by Taker. Taker looks ready to escape, and starts climbing the cage. Taker is on the top of the cage, until all of a sudden.... Y2Js music plays. Taker is staring at the ramp, but Jericho comes from the crowd and hits a breakdown off the cage into the ring. Y2J looks at Batista, and stands him up. Batista then hits a batistabomb on Y2J, showinghis dominance. Kane runs into the ring and chokeslams Batista. Kane is celebrating, until Taker hits a tombstone on him. Y2J hits a Codebreaker, then opens the door and flies out of the ring. Batista finally stands up, and climbs out of the ring, but Kane and Taker start climbing as well. Kane, Taker, and Batista are all on the top of the cage, until Taker and Kane hit a double chokeslam to Batista, and the ring collapses! Taker jumps off the falling cage and lands on the floor. Taker wins

A replay shows of Batista crashing through the ring and onto the floor before Taker even jumped off, which means Batista is the true winner! Taker stands up and then delivers a last ride to Kane. Taker then grabs Batista and hits a Chokeslam onto him onto a collapsed Steel Cage that is on a collapsed ring. Jericho runs in and looks to hit a breakdown, but taker tosses him into the cage back first. Taker then looks to deliver a tombstone to Jericho, but Kane runs at Taker. Taker lets go of one of the hands oon the tombstone and gets Kane in the chokeslam position. Batista looks to spear Taker, but Taker lets go of the other arm holding Jericho in the tombstone and has him into a chokeslam position as well. Taker is holding onto jericho with his legs wrapped around him though. Taker delivers a double chokeslam and a tombstone at the same time. Taker is celebrating, until Ted Dibiase Jr. runs from the crowd and hits a dream street to taker. Cody Rhodes then delivers a cross rhodes to Dibiase. Then, Taker stands up and chokeslams Rhodes into a turnbuckle post, taking out everyone in sight, friend or foe. Taker then tombstones dibiase ontop of the barricade. Kane stands up and chokeslams Taker.

Bobby Heenen(announcer): I cant believe it, look at he bodys, Kane looks victorious... wait here for a second.

Bobby Heenen leaves the announce table, and goes over to kane. Bobby Heenen is telling kane to allow Heenen to be his manager, but Kane chokeslams Heenen, showing he wants nothing to do with Heenen

The match winner was Batista, but Kane won in dominance

Promo/ Match 7Edit

Shane mcMahon is in the ring.

Shane: Now it is time... for me.... to open... this briefcase...... of mine, I won about a month or two or three ago, but here I go

Shane opens up the briefcase, and pulls out a rolled up paper. Shane rolls out the paper and reads it out loud

Shane: You are now a UNW superstar... and you will face the newest HWE superstar

Shane looks mad as Kurt Angle walks out

The match starts, but Shane quickly grabs a mic

Shane: Whoa whoa whoa, I won something great with that contract..... being fired... let's make this match a loser leaves HWE for UNW match, if you win Angle, I will go to UNW

Slashranger comes out

Ranger: Let's do it

Ranger leaves

Shane quickly enters the ring, and dominates angle with blow after blow after blow to the head, following up with a kick to the groin while the ref wasnt looking. Shane then locks in a claw hold. Angle picks up Shane and tosses him into the tunrbuckle though. Angle looks for an angle slam, but Shane bounces off the ropes and turns it into a ddt. Shane then bounces off the ropes and hits an elbow drop, then another, then another, then another. Shane finally hits a reverse ddt onto Angle. Angle rolls out of the ring and brings two chair into the ring. Angle smacks Shane in the face with the one chair, normally getting DQed, but the referee said

ref: Get the chair out of here dont hit him with it again

although it shouldve been a DQ. Shane tries standing up, but is in too much pain. Angle then hits Shanes face with the chair again, while the ref was getting the other chair out of the ring, but the ref heard the shot and seen angle with the chair. Angle dropped the chair and then locked in a jaw lock. Angle turned that into a reverse ddt, then an angle slam. Angle then picks up Shane and tries injuring him. Angle takes out the ref with a spear to the ref. Angle rolls out of the ring, grabs a sledgehammer and looks to smash Shane with it. Shane spears Angle though, then hits blow after blow to his knee, Shane then climbs the ropes and hits a leap of faith. Shane then hits another Leapo of Faith. Shane, instead of pinning, bouces off the ropes and hits an elbow drop. Shane then lifts Angle up, but Angle grabs the hammer, gives it to Shane, then is on the ground holding his knee, although nothing happened to it. THe ref gets up and sees Angle in pain and Shane holding a hammer and DQs Shane. Shane is looking angry that Angle shouldve been DQed at least 3 times but wasnt, and that he was now fired from HWE. A strecther comes to take Angle away. Angle stands up and shows he is fine, but smashes Shanes head against the turnbuckle, then starts climbing the ropes and hits an angle slam off the ropes into and breaking the stretcher. Angle then smashes the broken strecther against Shanes head. Angle lifts Shane up and smashes his head into the turnbuckle, making him bleed. Angle celebrates his vicotry and injuring a UNW superstar


Three superstars, Chris Hero, Ruckus, and Sabian are in the ring for the first ever Winner gets The gold match, where when one person wins, they get a Championship match at the newly created HWE USA Title. The match is a 5 point Battle in the ring match though, where not only is everyone connected, but no one can leave the ring, and there is a points system. You gain 2 points if you pin someone. The person that is pinned looses two points. The other person who didnt get pinned looses 1 point. If you make someone tap, you earn 3 points, if you tap, you lose 3 points. The other person loses 1 points then. First person to 5 points wins. If you KO someone you win automatically.

The match starts, andSabian quickly goes for a DDt on Ruckus, but Hero runs and goes for a roll up powerbomb on Ruckus, but Sabian spears them both. Sabian then hits a brainbuster on Hero. Ruckus though quickly runs and hits a move of the night onto Hero. Ruckus then hits the Deal on Sabian. Hero stands up and hits a double leg slam onto Ruckus. Sabian gets up and hits a hammerlock ddt to Ruckus, then to Hero. Sabian pins Ruckus


Ruckus -2 points, Hero -1, Sabian 2

Ruckus transitions it into a leg sweep pin


Ruckus 0, Sabian 0, Hero -2

Hero then quickly does a double roll up to both men


Hero 4,, Ruckus -2, Sabian -2

Ruckus quickly hits a DDT on Hero, but Sabian hits a Tornado DDT on Ruckus after bouncing off the ropes. Hero stands up and hits a Rolling Big Boot on Sabian, knocking him out cold


Sabian gets up though and hits a deal on Hero. The match has never ended, Sabian wasnt knocked out. Rucks, using the chains for the first time to his advantage wrapped them around Sabians neck and making him tap out

Ruckus 1, Sabian -4, Hero 3

Ruckus then lets Sabian go and aims for hero, but hero locks in a hangmans crutch. Sabian stands up and hits a diving 450 splash attack after crawling the ropes, then locks in a double argentine hold, using the ropes as an advantage. They both tap out

Ruckus -2, Sabian 2, Hero -1

Sabian and Hero then trade blows, and Ruckus hits a roll up on Sabian, but Sabian rolls him up and hits a DDT on Ruckus. Sabian hits a Crime Hate onto Hero and then looks to pin, but cant do it, he has nothing left in him. Hero then locks in a chinlock, but Ruckus rolls Hero up


Sabian then hits a crime hate on both men, then a double 450 splash. Sabian then pins Hero


Sabian then locks in an STF on Ruckus, but uses the chains to keep Hero from stopping him. Ruckus taps out


Sabian is celebrating with his title until Tommy Dreamer runs out and delivers a dreamer driver to everyone in the ring, then holds the title high signaling that he will become champion soon

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