thumb|204px|rightIntro Edit

Miz is standing in the ring

Miz: UNW IS AWESOME, and team Jeff will dominate team Matt

Miz: And I am also managing Team Cult of Peronality in their match against Dashing

Miz: So, I guess I am a man of many things to do

Matt Hardy and Cody Rhodes comes out

Rhodes: Well, tonight, we are having a tag team Captains fight

Matt: I and Rhodes vs Jeff and CM Punk tonight, with you as their manager

JDUDE and Ranger come out

JDUDE: I love my job, and as I am going to say, Team Dashing will have a manager at Nonstop Hardcorre, being Lee Hardy... Ranger...

Ranger: AND tonights match is the tag match, except Miz is Captains HWE manager, and Lee is UNWs manager... oh, and to make it interesting, WE WILL BE IN THE MATCH after what happened thursday...

JDUDE: That wasnt in our plans

Ranger: I know

Match 1Edit

Miz and Lee are in the ring, along with everyone else

JDUDE: We should clear the rng, these two have a match right now

Everyone leaves except those two

Miz runs at Lee, but Lee catches Miz and hits a ddt

Lee then bounces off the ropes and tries for a springboard splash

Miz catches Lees body and hits a bodyslam

Miz then bounces off the ropes and hits a mini ddt

Lee tries rolling away

Miz then hits a running knee to Lees face

Miz is fired up, and tries for a mizard of oz, but Lee rolls out of it, then jumps out of the ring

Lee grabs a chair, then runs into the ring

Miz starts pounding on Lee, steals his chair

Miz, with the chair, attaches the chair in the turnbuckle, then throws Lee at it

Lee jumpsover the turnbuckle

Lee grabs the chair, climbs in the ring, and hits Miz with the chair, then points at the sky, then imitates Sabu, and hits an Arabian Facebuster

1.....2..... KICKOUT

Miz gets up, and Lee runs at Miz, but Miz hits a wasteland

Miz pins


Miz and Lee are both hurt, but they both run at Each other

Lee jumps over Miz but Miz catches him,

Miz goes for a powerbomb

Lee then hits a roll up though


Miz looks for a skull crushing finale, but Lee does a backflip, then throws Miz into the ropes and does a dropkick to his back

Lee then climbs the ropes, and tries for his new move, the standing Swanton Bomb

Miz catches him and hits a mizard of Oz in MID AIR


Miz celebrates with the cult

Match 2Edit

Mick Foley comes out to the ring

Foley: I heard we will have a preview of Nonstop Hardcorre, right now, tonight, staff vs staff match, well come on, whoever faces me, and lets make this match EXTREME, LIKE ME

Boogeyman comes out

BM: I am the owner of Extreme ECW, so why not make this match... EXTREME LAST MAN STANDING MATCH

Match starts after Boogeyman runs to the ring

Boogeyman is attacking Foley nonstop

Boogeyman then leaves the ring

Boogeyman then grabs 2 pipes and 2 kendo sticks, holding two items in each hand

Boogyeman drops all of them in the ring, then grabs a table, places it in the ring, goes out, grabs the steel steps, and continues to do this until Foley finally gets up

Foley and Boogeyman shake hands, and they keep bringing opjects into the ring

Foley then grabs a baseball bat, and Boogeyman grabs a kendo stick with barbed wire

Foley laughs at his choice of weapon, until Boogyeman lights his kendo stick on fire

Boogeyman runs at Foley, and Foley runs at Boogeyman

Foley swings, and Boogeyman swings

The two weapons hit, and the flaming part of the kendo stick breaks off onto a trash can covered with wood with attached barbed wire

Foley then puts Boogeyman in the butterfly ddt position

Foley moves over until he is standing on a chair and jumps off, hitting a diving butterfly ddt

Boogeyman gets up, grabs a piece of barbed wire with his bare hands, then places it around his own body, cutting himself

Boogeyman then hugs Foley, with the barbed wire around him, cutting both of them

Foley and Boogeyman are caught together, until Foley jumps and the barbed wire falls off both of them

Foley then bounces off the ropes, but is caught in a chokeslam into a trash can lid

Foley tries sanding up, but Boogeyman grabs his knee

Boogeyman takes the trash can lid, and with the knee in his other hand, slams the two together, until the lid is broken

Foley goes to grab his knee, but Boogeyman sets up a chair on Foleys knee

Boogeyman, then throws a sledgehammer in Foleys face, and finishes him off by spitting in his eyes

Boogeyman grabs a ladder, smashes Foleys face with it, then climbs it, meanwhile its balancing across the mat upsidedown

Boogeyman is at the top and jumps off, the ladder falling on Foleys arm and Boogeyman falls on Foleys knee, with the chair on it

Foley is howling in pain

Foley stands up on one leg, HIS BAD LEG, for some reason, and then does a dropkick on Boogeyman

Foley then hits a piledriver on Boogeyman onto the flaming trashcan with the barbed wire and wood on it

everyone is shocked, and Foley goes for a claw hold, but is caught in a Boogeyslam and Boogeyman, instead of slamming him, hits him against his knee, and then holds the lock, trying to hurt Foley for Nonstop Hardcorre

Foley then pushes against the knee, trying to hurt Boogeymans knee

Boogeyman and Foley break the double hold up, and then clothesline each other

Foley then hits a butterfly ddt again

Foley climbs the ropes, and hits a senton bomb onto Boogeyman

Foley then, bounces off the bottom ropes and hits a back elbow drop

Boogeyman catches him and hits another Boogeyslam

Boogeyman doesnt hesitate and picks Foley up and hits another, conneced by another, by another

Foley is lying on the ground, and Boogeyman grabs him by his neck and hits a chokeslam, then another, then another

Boogeyman sets up a table, and does a pump handle slam to Foley through it

Boogeyman isnt even trying to win, he's trying to hurt foley

Boogeyman then, to asure he knocked out foley, lights a table on fire, then sets Foley resting on top of the table

Boogeyman climbs a ladder as foleys on fire

Foley starts getting up, and while he is on fire climbs the ladder from the table

Boogeyman hits a boogeyslam off the ladder through the flaming table

Boogeyman takes a fire extinguisher, and sprays it across his own bidy, then sprays it out of the ring wasting it, then hits Foleys head with hit

Foley has to be KOd


A camera is shown on a Knocked out Mick Foley


Rush Kids is shown


Orton: Ok any questions

Rush: Well, I am hearing you are going to be put in a match at Nonstop Hardcorre against an opponent to be determined tonight?

Orton: Yes, I am

Rush: And I am competing in the match that will determine your opponent, I might have to face you, and how do you feel about that part

Orton: Well,

Orton looks at Rush, then rkos him


Ranger: Randy, Randy, now your opponent is Rush Kids at Nonstop Hardcorre,

Orton looks like hes going to punt Rush, but Rush rolls out of the way, and is running through a hall

Orton chases after him, although he knows Rush is faster then him

Match 3Edit

The camera shows JDUDE and Rush talking


JDUDE stops orton

JDUDE: Oh, you havent heard, you have no match here tonight, BYE

Orton looks ready to RKO JDUDE, but then Dashing comes and holds Orton back by his arms and legs

Rhodes: No attacking our GM tonight management issue man

Rhodes then hits him with a silver spoon ddt, then waves to JDUDE as he leaves and gets ready for his match

Rush is in the ring, and Hawk with Bret Hart stands in the ring

Hawk: Oh, you thought I was your opponent, ha, no, your taking on a true UNW legend Bret Hart

The match starts as Hawk leaves

Hawk: Oh, and Eagle, this is for you

A cage lowers


Rush nd Bret look ready to fight

Bret Suplexes Rush, but Rush gets up hurt

Bret then goes for a spike piledriver, but Rush counters it, and hits a piledriver himself, by doing a 180 spin

Rush then bounces off the ropes, and then jumps over Bret and onto the cage and climbs it, and does a moonsualt onto Bret

Bret then goes for a sharpshooter, but Rush counters it into a catapult into the steel cage

Bret and Rush run at each other, knocking each other down

Bret starts climbing the cage

Rush stands up finally, and tries stopping Bret from escaping, because he is at the top

Bret falls off into the ring, but Rush catches him in a Rush Hour


Match 4Edit

Trish Stratus and Maryse are in the ring

Match starts

Torrie Wilson comes from Behind Trish, throws her into the turnbuckle, and Torrie and Maryse hit a double Stinkface

Maryse follws up by a French TKO, then a French Kiss (ddt)


Main EventEdit

Cody Rhodes, Matt Hardy, and JDUDE are in the ring, with Miz yelling at JDUDE

Ranger, CM Punk, and Jeff are in the ring, with Lee yelling at Ranger

Match starts out with Jeff and Matt

Jeff tags in Punk

Punk goes to attack Matt, and Punk has the GTS in place, but before he drops him, Matt manages to tag, and Punk let go ofMatt

Matt tagged in Rhodes

Rhodes does a kick to Punks face, then he spits in it

Punk looks mad and charges at Code, but Cody just nails Punk in the face and Punk falls down

Cody buonces off the ropes and hits a running knee drop

Cody then tags in Matt, who hits a Leg drop off the top of the ropes

1....2..... Broken up by Jeff

Matt drags Punk into the corner, and tags in JDUDE

JDUDE lifts Punk up somehow, and Matt does a gut buster, then rolls out of the ring

JDUDE does a superkick to Punk

JDUDE then does a Full Nelson Slam to him

Punk then locks in the anaconda vise on JDUDE after a quick reversal

Jeff runs and takes out Matt, and Miz takes out Rhodes!!!

Ranger comes in and slaps JDUDEs face, then laughs as he doesnt tap out, but is in pain

Punk decides its enough and does a GTS to him, and pins

1.......2....... Punk tags in Ranger

Ranger hits a sleeper hold on JDUDE, then does a sleeper slam


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