New theme song Party Rock plays, with Party Rock performing it live in the ring

Rick Wild comes out and attacks them

But then Big Show comes out and chokeslams Rick out of the ring

Big Show is in the middle of the ring with Party Rock, and they all start shuffling!!! including Big Show!!!

Rapp3r and most of the divas even from UNW come out and dance too

Soon every one on the rosters of both shows (that are face, some even heels) ARE DANCING TOO IT

Match 1Edit

Party Rock goes to an announce table and sits

Big Show stays in the ring, but Mark Henry comes out

Henry goes to hit a ddt, but it gets turned into a back body drop

Show gets pumped up, and hits a running spear on Henry

Show then starts moving his hands, getting ready for a WMD

All of a sudden, Ezekiel Jackson runs to the ring and yells at show

Jackson gets on he apron, and argues with the ref, until all of a sudden,

Good looks comes from behind, hits a superkick, and while show is falling to the ground, Henry picks him up and WSS him


Match 2Edit

Eagle and Bret hart are in the ring

Bret hits a ddt

Bret then hits anotheer ddt

Bret locks in a grounded sleeper hold

Eagle rolls out of it

Eagle hits a ddt

Eagle hits a springboard ddt

Eagle jumps to the apron, then hits a double shooting star splash jump into a standing 450 splash

Bret then looks hurt, but still gets up

Eagle trips bret, and locks in a leg lock

Bret almosts escapes, but it is turned into an even more painful lock, moving around in a full turn

Bret grabs the ropes, and tries standing up

Bret knees Eagle in the face, bringing both of them down

Bret stands up and stretches out his leg to help it, but then... Eagle jumps up, bounces off the ropes, and hits a diving moonsault attack, into an inerted liffting spear, then Eagle climbs the ropes and goes for an impoding 450 splash

Bretgrabs him in mid air, hits a running powerslam, then locks in the sharpshooter

Eagle taps twice, but doesnt tap the third time

Bret then applies more pressure, but then Eagle manages to flip bret over then hit a standing imploding 450 splash


Match 3Edit

Divlicous and Maryse walk out

Rapp3r runs out to the ring


A bed is placed in the ring

Divlicous and Maryse take off their clothes, revealing lingerie

They jump on the bed, and Maryse stands up and kicks div in the back of her head, taking off her bra then

Divlicous then is stripped to nothing by Maryse

Maryse tries pushing her off the bed, but Maryse falls off the bed, and tries running away, but is caught by her bottoms by Div, who tears them off

Div then grabs Maryse bra and pulls it off


Sexay runs out to the ring, and stares at Div, they have a stare down, until Taz comes out for his match

Match 4Edit

Hawk runs out

The match starts

Hawk hits taz with a ddt, then a springboard ddt, then he climbs the ropes

Hawk goes for a dragonrana, but Taz counters it into a powerbomb

Taz hits a ddt, then goes for a spear, but Hawk jumps uyp, turning it into a sunset flip powerbomb

1......2..... Taz rolls over

1.....2..... Hawk kicks out

Taz jumps up, then gives Hawk a german suplex

Hawk tries for a ddt, but gets caught in a brainbuster suplex

Then Tazz places Hawk on the ropes, and tries for a superplex, but gets thrown off, and Hawk hits a dragonrana


Main EventEdit

Rick Wild and Skullbreaker are in the ring

A distraction by Dave flair causes Wild to get the upper hand

Wild starts pounding on Breaker, then hits a ddt

Wild bounces off the ropes, and hits an enzuirigi

Wild stands up and hits a Rick-ing punch

Wild then hits a ravishing rick rude neckbreaker

Redfoo from Party Rock (who is sitting at an announce table) runs to the ring and hits a running neckbreaker on Rick, then a ddt, then grabs a chair and hits multiple chair shots on him, until he finally climbs the ropes and hits a diviing elbow drop with the chair

Redfoo gets up, then places a steel trash can under Ricks knee, and then takes a kendo stick and starts whacking Ricks knee with it

Breaker gets up, shakes Foos hand, then picks up wild and hits a Skull Buster ONTO THE TRASH CAN, except instead of Ricks face, its his KNEE

Ricks knee looks broken, and Breaker covers

1.....2.... WAIT

Breaker gets up, and hits a necksnapper on Ricks knee and foot

Wild taps

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