thumb|275px|rightSting comes out with his briefcase

Match 1Edit

Ric Flair comes out

Flair: I Just heard, that if anyone beats you, you must give your briefcase to them

Flair runs in the ring, and hits Sting many times

Sting gets up and hits a piledriver onto the briefcase


Match 2Edit

Mega Warrior runs to the ring, followed by Mr. Who

Who runs in the ring, then hits a brain buster

Who hits a WHO, then pins



Match 3Edit

Eagle and Tazz come out, followed by Hawk and Bret Hart

Hawk and Eagle are competing in the ring

Hawk hits a diving ddt, but then eagle gets up and hits a diving elbow

Hawk bounces off the ropes, but gets caught into a facebuster alley oop

Eagle hits his imploding 450 splash

1....2... KICKOUT

Bret Hart and Tazz are arguing outside the ring

Tazz then hits Bret, but Bret hits a Sharpshooter, and Tazz gets his arms up and hits an inverted Tazzmission

Eagle and Hawk are distracted, and Man X, from UNW comes out and does triple powerbombs to Eagle

Sam covers

1.....2... KICKOUT

Eagle gets up and hits a tazzmission, and Bret and Tazz let go of each other

Bret looks at Eagle and Hawk

Eagle looks at Bret, and then Hawk gets out of it

Hawk goes for a sharpshooter, but it gets reversed as well

Eagle hits a running knee

Eagle looks at bret, then hits a sharpshooter, stealing Brets move in front of him

Bret barges in the ring and breaks it up

Hawk gets caught into a Tazzplex though!

Bret hits a spike Piledriver on Tazz then

Tazz trips Bret though, and launches him into the ropes

Eagle gets up, does a leg attack to bret then covers Hawk


Bret gets up and hits a double spike Piledriver, on Tazz and Eagle

They are both knocked out

Match 4Edit

Candice Michelle is standing in the ring with ginger

Ginger tries kissing Candice, but it gets turned into a Long Kiss Tonight (some other divas finishng move,)


Main EventEdit

Batista and Rapp3r come out

Rapp3r hits a spear on Batista

Matt Hardy comes out

Matt Hardy Twists of Fates both of them

Lee Hardy comes out and Fate breaks both of them

Sting comes ou, hits everyone with a piledriver onto his briefcase

Rapp3r covers Batista


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