Dashing comes out, with its two new members ADR and Wade Barrett

Match 1Edit

Cody Rhodes is in the ring with CM Punk

Cody rhodes goes for a ddt, but it gets turnd into a suplex

Punk starts pounding down onRhodes

Then ziggler enters the ring and quickly zig zags punk

Mysterio comes in the ring and hits a 619 to Rhodes

Alberto Del Rio runs in the ring and hits a cross arm bar with the ropes as leverage

Sheamus runs in the ring and gives ADR a Brogue Kick

Rhodes gets up, but gets caught into a ddt by sabu

Ziggler quickly gets up and hits a sleeper hold on Sabu and KOs him

Punk hits a GTS on Ziggler and Sabu by accident

Ziggler and Sabu roll out of the ring

Del Rio Hits a cross arm breaker on Punk, then hits one on Sheamus

Mysterio goes for a body splash, but it gets caught by a beutiful disaster

Punk is holding his arm, and the manager Miz runs in the ring, and tries for a skull crushing finally on Rhodes, but Rhodes picks him up and turns him, hitting an alabama slam

Punk and Rhodes are standing in the ring now, both beat up pretty bad

Punk then tries for a GTS, but it gets caught into a silver spoon DDT

Rhodes covers

1.....2...... KICKOUT

then Punk gets up and tosses Rhodes out of the ring

Punk jumps out of the ring in a suicide dive, but it gets caught into a leg kick

Rhodes picks up the steel steps, and tries throwing them at Punk, but Punk manages to duck, causing rhodes to go face first into them

Rhodes turns around into a GTS, but Rhodes kicks Punk in the face one more time

Rhodes tries for a Cross rhodes, but that gets turned into a quick snapmare

Punk climbs the ropes

Rhodes also climbs the ropes

Punk tries for a superkick, but it gets turned into an ankle hold, and then Punk manages to slip out of it, pushing himself and Rhodes face first into the apron

Sheamus runs into the ring, but gets tripped by Zigglers body on the ground

Rhodes, almost knocked out, vision is distorted, and looks at Sheamus and tries for a pin

Punk then hits an anocanda vise, but Rhodes stands up somehow and rolls Punk out of the ring

Rhodes tries for a Beautiful disaster out of the ring, but it gets caught into a groin kick

Punk throws Rhodes in the ring, and tries pinning

1.....2.... KICKOUT

Punk grabs a trash can from under the ring

Punk throws the can over Rhodes head and hits a GTS

Punks knee is injured very badly, and Punk cant move, and Rhodes is KOd

JDUDE runs out to the ring, before interference can be made

JDUDE: Now, this match is a draw/ no contest, becuse Rhodes is KOd and Punk cant move to pin him

Match 2Edit

Big Show comes out, followed by WSM

JDUDE walks out

JDUDE: GIANT VS GIANTS MATCH, how about we make this interesting, whoever wins this match, gets to choose the stips for the same match at Nonstop Hardcorre

Show hits a chokeslam early on Henry

Henry hits an avalanche slam

Henry hits a reverse powerbomb, then a flapjack into the ropes

Show gets up, then hits a chest slap

Show hits a spear

then another, then another, then another

Henry rolls under the ring, grabs the steel steps

Henry places the steps in the middle of the ring, but Show picks up the steps and hits a WMD onto Henry with the steps

1......2...... KICKOUT

Henry hits a WSS but then Show gets up and tries for a chokeslam, but henry picks up Show in a chokeslam position too, and they choke each other until they are KOd, but shows body is ontop of WSMs


Match 3Edit

Sexay Girl walks out with Kelly Kelly

Maryse and Candice michelle walks out

Boogeyman walks out

BM: You four will fight in a 2 on 2 match, and it will be......... BEST TWO OUT OF ITEMS WHIP ON A POLE MATCH, there will be three different poles with three different items on them, whichever team gets 2 OR 3 of them wins and gets to bring the pain and punishment down on the opponent

Match starts

Maryse and Candice work together, taking out both of the UNW divas ddts

Candice lifts Maryse up to her shoulders to grab a pole with a briefcase on it

Maryse opens the briefcase and it shows a WHIP

Maryse gives it to a ref outside the ring

Sexay climbs on one of the empty poles, and does a diving spear to maryse

kelly goes behind Candice and hits a reverse ddt

Sexay climbs up one of the poles and grabs something that has a breifcase, which says PADDLE

Candice gets up, and Sexay and Candice are fighting over the last pole

Maryse takes out with a french TKO

Maryse helps candice by pulling down Sexays pants and underwear

Sexay falls off because of lack of balance

Candice grabs the last broefcase and opens it, which has a whip tied around a paddle

The girls whip the other two girls, then do a double spank with the paddles, then they take off their shirts and bras to reveal the letters HWE going across their chests


Div-licious comes out in lingerie, with a huge king size bed with big pillows in the ring

Div-Liciouse lays down


Stacy Kiebler comes out in lingerie as well, and lays on the bed

Div: So, I heard you want a title shot soon

Stacy: Yep, what about you

Div: Well I do too but of course, you have done more then me so far

Stacy: True, very true

JDUDE walks out

JDUDE: How about you two compete in a Bed ring strip match, you two must stay on the bed, and you two must strip each other naked then throw the other off the bed, if not on the bed and not naked, they can either A:Leave the ring or B: Get back into the bed and fight WHOEVER WINS THIS WILL FIGHT MARYSE NEXT WEEK FOR THE TITLE

Match starts

Div hits a neckbreaker, then grabs Stacys hair and pulls it towards the end of the bed, pulls of Stacys underwear, sticks it in her mouth, then rips of her bra,

Div then puts the underwear around Stacys neck, then starts whipping her with her bra until she falls off the bed

Div then takes off her cothes and dances for the crowd

Main EventEdit

Great Khali and Money Mountain come out Hardy vs Hardy team match

Khali slaps mountain, then hits a ddt

Mountain then picks Khali up and throws him out of the ring

Mountain does a diving springboard splash out of the ring and hits a splash on Khali

Khali then goes for a chokeslam

Mountain counters it into a bear hug, then he climbs the ropes while keeping the bear hug in, climbs to the top ropes, and hits a bear hug suplex into the center of the ring

He hits another bear hug

Khali taps

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