Mega Warrior comes out

Mr. Who comes out

Who runs out of the ring, and starts going backstage

Mega follows him

The camera goes to Mega looking around in the parking lot

Who jumpsfrom the top of a car, and hits a diving ddt

Warrior gets up and throws Who through a car window

JDUDE is shown getting out of his limo

JDUDE: YOU TWO STOP NOW, YOU TWO WILL HAVE A MATCH AT FINAL DESTINATION, and that match will be a last chance match, except with special rules

JDUDE: NONE OF YOU CAN FIGHT EACH OTHER UNTIL AFTER WRESTLEFEST, oh and whoever loses wont be involved at all in Wrestlefest, but for now, a no contact rule is in play

Match 1Edit

Goldust is shown in a pure gold car

Goldust, I Will be involved in a 24 hour championship match right now

Rapp3r jumos onto Goldusts car with a crowbar and starts beating up the roof of the car

Goldust is afraid to get out

Rapp3r then hits the locks on the doors, and locks goldust in

Rapp3r gets off the car, and sees a BIG production truck

Rapp3r climbs it up, with the crowbar in hand

Rapp3r jumps with the crowbar pointing down

Rapp3r hits the car, and hits goldust in the shoulder, and goldusts shoulder is bleeding badly

Rapp3r then gets into a different car, and drives into goldusts car

Goldust is hurt in the car

Rapp3r gets out, then proceeds to hit goldust through a broken window in the car

Then, all of a sudden, a small hooded figure jumps out from the truck rapp3r jumped from, except onto rapp3r

The figure breaks the door, then pulls goldust over rapp3r

1.....2..... KICKOUT

Rapp3r gets up, gives the figure a spear, then takes off his hood to reveal epico!

then Undertaker appears from nowhere, then tombstones all of them

Goldust covers


Y2J comes out and gives taker a codebreaker


Match 2Edit

Tazz comes out, followed by Sting

Tazz hits a tazzmission easily on sting

Sting grabs the ropes, then hits a snapmare over them

Sting grabs his briefcase, then tries leaving, but then, Real American comes on and Hogan comes out, hits an axe bomber, then a leg drop

Tazz goes for a pin, but then Bret comes out and hits a spike piledriver on Stings briefcase!

Sting covers



HBK is backstage, enjoying a beer

HHH comes out

HHH: Look at what I heard, you, vs me, Nonstop Hardcorre in two months

HBK sweet chin musics HHH, then climbs on the lockers on does an elbow drop

HBK: See you there

Match 3Edit

Dolph Ziggler comes out with Rhodes as his manager

Kane comes out

Ted Dibiase is kanes manager

Ziggler goes for a sleeper hold, but it gets countered into a snapmareRhodes climbs the ropes and gets in the ring, distracting the ref

Dibiase then hits a dream street

Kane hits a running powerslam, then a chokeslam out of the ring

Kane tries for a diving clothseline, but Rhodes hits a Beutiful Disaster, knocking Kane out

Dibiase runs for a body punch on Ziggler, but it gets turned into a sleeper hold and Ted gets knocked out

Ziggler runs in the ring, brings Kane in, then covers



Lee Hardy comes out, with Goldust


Lee: GOD, I just wanted to ask you about Rapp3r

Goldust goes to run at Lee, but falls because of a knee injury that happened during the car crash

Lee hits a Hardy Party

Goldust is knocked out, but Lee still holds it in

Lee celebrates as the show goes off air

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