thumb|160px|rightBoogeyman comes out,

BM: I am glad to announce, that.... in two weeks, we will have it.... THE FIRST EVER NONSTOP HARDCORRE

crowd cheers

BM: And we will have a staff vs staff match, the gms of HWE and the OWNER of HWE, plus one unknown superstar, vs UNW gms, the owner of UNW and one of their superstars

Crowd cheers even more

BM: And the best part is, that, at Nonstop Hardcorre, we have some more interesting matches


Team Jeff Team Matt 6 on 6 match
Jeff Matt Team Captains
Miz Lee Hardy Normal
Great Khali Chris Jericho Normal
Kofi Kingston Samoan Syx Normal
Edge Paul Max Normal
Evan Bourne Mulio Normal

crowd cheers


Cult of Personality plays

Chase Manhattan plays as Team Matt comes out

Match 1Edit

The match is a gaauntlet match, Sheamus and Mulio start off

Mulio bounces off the ropes and hits a diving moonsault attck

Mulio then bounces off the ropes and does a diving spinning senton

Mulio gets up, then starts climbing the ropes again, and goes for a diving ddt, but Sheamus catches Mulio in an irish curse backbreaker

Mulio is down, and Sheamus picks Mulio up in a high cross, but Mulio stands on the ropes, and manages to stand on a turnbuckle

Mulio jumps off the tunbuckle, but Shemaus hits a Brogue Kick


Samoan Syx comes in from behind and hits an argentine side slam quickly


Mysterio comes in and launches Syx at the ropes with a kick to the back of the head

mysterio bounces off the ropes, then tries for a 619

Rey does the kick, but Syxs body doesnt move from the ropes!

Rey tries moving him, but Syx stays in the ropes

Rey then goes for a roll up, but Syx doesnt move

Syx then stands up, then Mysterio goes for a hurricanrana, but Syx stays still and Mysterio hits the floor

Mysterio tries to bounce off the turnbuckles, but Syx catches him and climbs the turnbuckles, and hits a TOP ROPE SAMOAN DROP


Punk runs into the ring, hits a dropkick on Syx, who doesnt move!

Syx runs at Punk, but Punk catches him and trips him, then rolls him over and hits an anocanda vise

Syx taps

jericho runs in the ring, and tries for a codebreaker, but it gets caught in a GTS


Paul Max trips Punk, runs in the ring, then bounces off the ropes multiple times

Punk stands up, and Max hits a running elbow

Punk stands up again, but catches maxs elbow and turns it into a running ddt

Punk then climbs the ropes, and goes for a leg drop, but gets caught in an electric chair drop



Miz runs in the ring and from behind, hits a skull crushing finale on Max


lee runs in the ring, and the two men face off, until of course Lee falls by accident and is caught in a ddt

Lee then rolls around to decrease the impact of the ring

lee stands up quickly, and tries for a ddt

Lee hits a diving dropkick

Lee is dominating Miz, and locks in a Hardy Party

Miz almost is KOd, but then, Miz hits a neckbreaker

Miz then hits a reality check

Lee tries rolling out of the ring, but Miz catches lees leg and does a knee attack to Lees calf

Miz then hits an ankle lock, and Lee tries rolling out of it, but makes it worse

Lee taps

Matt, the team captain comes in, and hits a twist of fate on Miz


AJ styles comes in

Styles goes for a styles clash

Matt manages to hit a hurricanrana, then hits a diving leg drop

Matt pins


Matt locks in an Ice Pick

Styles taps

Matt looks fired up

Sabu rins into the ring with a chair, but Hardy quickly hits a twist of fate on Sabu onto the chair



Matt looks around, not noticing he won, and when Punk walks in the ring to congratulate him, he gives him a twist of fate

Miz looks mad and gets the wrong idea, but when Matt finally realizes the match was over, Miz already hits a mizard of Oz on him

Lee runs in and defends his brother, hitting a Fate breaker on Miz

Sabu grabs a chair and runs back in the ring and hits an Arabian Facebuster on Lee

everyone starts beating down on each other

Then All of a sudden, gWo runs out and actually helps Cult of Personality for some odd reason, only to backfire on them and start beating them up

Dashing comes out (with the two new members) and clears the ring of everyone

Team Jeff runs in the ring and starts beating dashing up

all of a sudden, Two men, JDUDE and Slashranger run to the ring

JDUDE: all of my superstars, leave NOW

Ranger: Same with mine

Ranger then tries to attack JDUDE after everyone leaves, but JDUDE ducks and trips him

Ranger gets up and goes for a ddt, and hits it

JDUDE manages to hit an ankle buster on Ranger, and then the two Owners are standing face to face in the ring

then all of a sudden, Rapp3r and Skullbreaker run to the ring

Breaker pulls Ranger backk, and Rapp3r pulls JDUDE back, and they drag them out of the ring, for the first and maybe only time, Skull Breaker and Rapp3r are teaming up!!!

Match 2Edit

Sam American runs to the ring, as does Jack Swagger

Sam starts off by hitting a running kick to the gut

Sam then hits a ddt to Jack

Sam is feeling cocky, and starts jumping up and down, then does a standing Moonsault

Sam is feeling even more cocky and is doing nothing but taunting

Jack then manages to grab Jack by the head, pull him down, and then throw him over his shoulder

Jack then picks up Sam again, but this time, Jack goes for a powerbomb, but Sam hits a hurricanrana, then climbs the ropes

Sam hits a diving wheelbarrow bulldog

Sam then hits another wheelbarrow bulldog, then a springboard one

Sam then goes for a Fameousser

Jack catches Sam, pulls him down, and hits an ankle lock

Sam doesnt tap though, but Jack rolls him up in a pin position thats painful, so if Sam doesnt get pinned, he will tap

Sam cant move out


Match 3Edit

Sexay Girl and Kelly Kelly are in the ring, then all of a sudden, Candice Michelle and Maryse run to the ring

Maryse starts pounding on Sexay

Candice then hits a spear on Kelly

The two divas look dominate

Kelly manages to hit a K2 on Maryse, but then Candice hits a Cabdy Cane (new finisher, running neckbreaker into a facebuster) on Sexay

Candice and Kelly are having a stare down

Candice takes off her top for the fans, but Kelly capitilizes the moment and hits a K2 on Candice while she is taking off her top

Kelly pins


Main EventEdit

Both Stings, nwo and Sting, come out

nWo Sting ran at Sting, but Sting just hit a ddt

nwo Sting then went for a running ddt again. but it gets caught by a suplex

Sting runs out of the ring, grabs his briefcase, but nwo sting has a pipe

NWO sting hits sting with the pipe in the face, then in the arms and shoulders, trying to damage them so Sting cant hit any of his big moves

Then, nwo sting grabs Stings briefcase, then hits it across Stings briefcase

nwo Sting then hits a piledriver onto the briefcase with sting

Nwo Sting covers

1......2...... kickout

Nwo sting looks mad

Sting then manages to run and kick nwo Sting in the face, then somehow grabs the pipe and briefcase, places the briefcase under nwos stings knee, then climbs the ropes with the pipe

Sting jumps onto nwo Sting, the pipe banging up against nwo Stings knee

Sting covers

1.....2.... Sting lets him out

Sting hits a knee lock

nwo Sting taps out

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