Dont Question My Heart plays, as Candice Michelle and her crew of Diva$ (HWEs top Divas) is standing in the ring with rapp3r, who is sitting on a chair

Rapp3r: I have no clue what I am doing here

Candice: Just shut up and sit back

Diva$ give rapp3r a multiple diva lapdance, then Jack Maybeck comes out and tries taking them out, and manages to strip all of them to their bra and panties, but then gets caught by torrie wilson, who trips her, takes off her clothes to her bra and panties, gets her in the corner, then the Diva$ take turns giving her stinkfaces Rapp3r is still sitting on the chair taking picsthey finally stop, then cover Jack in mud that they find under the ring

Skullbreaker comes out and breaks it up

Only Breaker and rapp3r are in the ring

Rapp3r: We are good friends, but I fear our friendship wil be obstructed by this rivalry

Breaker: Yes

Breaker hits a SkullSmasher

match 1200px|rightEdit

Hawk and Eagle are in the ring

The flairs come out

Dave flair hits a groin attack on both of them, then Ric flair gets a figure four leglock in on Hawk

Dave flair is standing on Hawks knee while this is happening, applying more pressure causing him to tap out


Dashing is backstage with Air Boom

Rhodes: So you guys are fighting us tonight

Kofi: Yeah, cant wait

Rhodes: Well, looks like he cant wait either

Rhodes is pointing to John Cena coming after them, he hits them all with Attitude Adjustments


Match 2Edit

Diva$ are standing in the ring

brie Bella stays in the ring as the rest of them leavethumb|163px|right

Sexay Girl comes in the ring

Sexay: Well, I heard this match was gonna be a paddle on a pole match

A pole is on one of turnbuckles

Brie gets Sexay in the corner and hits a stinkface and grabs the paddle because it isnt that high

Sexay stays still in the ring, because she is a good friend of brie and she knows she lost

Brie takes off Sexays top and skirt though, so she is in her bra and panties and starts spanking her

Brie doesnt stop though

And does it over and over again until the Diva$ stop Brie

Match 3Edit

Air boom, which is already beat up, is in the ring

thumb|139px|right|Dashing theme songDashing comes out, beat up too

JDUDE comes out

JDUDE: Now look, you two are beat up really badly so I am putting A stop to this match, it will be the opening match whenever you two can fight again

Main EventEdit

John Cena and his opponent, RVD are in the ring

RVD hits a DDT followed by a 5 star frog splash

The splash gets grabbed into an AA

The AA gets countered into a monkey flip,

RVD goes to the ropes and hits the 5 star frog splash


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