Grasp Holders are a American Female Wrestling Tag Team Containing Katia Lee and Aqua Marie. The Team Debuted in 2015 after Lee left SWP. they are singhed to Womens Worl Wrestling Pro

Grasp Holders
No Image Available
Members Katia Lee and Aqua Marie
Combined Weight 404 lbs
Former Members None
Debut 2015

Womens World Wrestling Pro (2015-present) Edit

after Katia Lee debuted for WWWP in mid 2015 she began a realtionship with Aqua Marie the 2 began teaming together and formed a tag team in late 2015 called Grasp Holders they began undeafeated streak of 20-0 the streak currently as of 2017 is 99-0 and will challenge for the WWWP tag team championships on February 3 2017

Finishers Edit

  • Man's Sexy Berry (back breaker punt kick combo Lee's move (Back Breaker) Marie's move (running punt kick)

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