JDUDE is now runningEdit

A private branch where isntead of writing just shows, you can write about what happens in shows, through a first person point of view, third, however, without going through the while show. You can use anyone, but name your "Universe" your using, and give a brief explanation of it

My example


So far, JDUDE (the Hardcorre King) Has bought WWE, and is running things a little differently. Smackdown and RAW are still the shows. Currently, champs are

  • IC- Y2J
  • Cruiserweight- Cody Rhodes
  • WHC- Randy Orton
  • WWE- HBK
  • USA- Miz
  • Tag Team- Kofi Kingston and Big Show (BoomShow)

That is my opening, and then I will explain more about the feuds recently (or currently) happening in the universe, and then what person (or people) you will be using for your story you are currently writing, and explain something about him/her/them and the storylines they/him/her have been going through.

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