Shows & PPV Edit

Right now there are two shows, Tuesday Night Velocity, which has its own titles such as the CWE championship, and the Blue Cross Championship. It shares the divas championship and the CWE tag team titles with, Friday Night Showdown. Showdown has its own titles too like the, World Television Championship , and the Red Cross Championship.

Each show will contain 30 superstars and 10 divas. You can submit one superstar and one diva, the rest I will make my own custom superstars and use some old ones.


These will be mainly unpredictable but only one thing is for sure one superstar from each show will compete in a match. This match could have any stipulation but whatever show has more ratings then they get to choose the stipulation.

= Rosters Edit

These will be announced after people have submitted superstars. I will start filling them on my own whenever no one submits for a day.

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