Aquamarine Silka is a female american Professional Wrestler who is currently snighed to WWWP were she is in a tag team called the Grasp Holders. she is best known for her work in WWWP.

Aqua Marie
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Real name Aquamarine Silka
Ring name(s) Aqua Marie
Billed height 5'9
Billed weight 199lbs
Born May 20, 1988
Billed from Miami Florida
NWE Debut 2001

Debut and Training Edit

Silka made her quick debut in 2001

Miami Streak Wrestling (2001) Edit

Silka debuted for 3 matches on MSW before she left the company

Womens World Wrestling Pro (2002-present) Edit

Silka debuted for WWWP were she won a battle royal to win a shot at thje title

Championship Pursuites and Reings (2002-2013 Edit

until 2013 Silka presued and won the title various time before settiling on a normal wrestling preformance in 2013

Singles Competition (2013-2015) Edit

in December Silka returned to singles competition saying that "She was not fulfilled with the 10 reings and dropping it after setting the 451 day record" she began a face turn again and to attack heels untol 2014 were she began inactivity and worked part-times events.

Grasp Holders (2015-present) Edit

In 2015 Katia Lee singhed to the company were she took noticed in tag team formation called the Grasp Holders they so far have been a dominate tag team divison it is rumored they will win the tile

Silka said she was taking a break from the company proving that she has tooken Noticed in WWE saying that Lee as annouced a possible deal with WWE Silka said that by October she will be done with Wrestling in WWWP and singhed to WWE or earlier Lee said she was on the way to WWE in June 1.

WWE (2017-2018)Edit

Marie had her debuted before leaving

Accomplishments Edit

Championships Edit

  • 10-time WWWP Championship

Nicknames Edit

  • Miami Streak

Theme Songs Edit

  • That Whats Make You Beautyful (2002-present)

Finishers Edit

  • Miami Fire (Inverted Sidwalk Slam) (2002)
  • Sea Foam Blood (Avalanche Powerbomb into a sunset flip bucklebomb) (2002-present)
  • Streaks of Hotness (Rope Hung Suplex into a Fullnelson headlock) (2009-2012)